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Guilin Holy Instrument Technology Co., Ltd.

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Located on the eastern bank of scenic Li River of Guilin, Guilin Holy Instrument Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise. Its founder, Mr. Wu Wei Rong used to work at the Research & Development Department of Guilin Measuring & Cutting Tool Works. Engaged in the research and manufacturing of measuring tools and instruments for more than 20 years, he has accumulated a wealth of experience and expertise and become a powerful expert in this field. Mr Wu used to repair the laser marker which Guilin Measuring & Cutting Tool Works bought from Germany at the price of more than three million yuan within 10 days. The quotation for the repairing work from Germany was more than 200000 yuan, but Mr. Wu's repairing work only cost a little more than 10000 yuan. The automatic dial indicator calibrator Mr.Wu designed for Guilin Measuring & Cutting Tool Works cost only little more than 30000 yuan. Quotation for such calibrator from Germany was more than half million. Its performance was not as good as that of Mr. Wu's. Since the birth of digital calipers, its use is limited because it can not be exposed to water or dust. At present, sensors used in waterproof digital calipers at home and abroad are mainly gate magnetic sensors, capacitive sensors, electromagnetic induction sensors, etc.. Waterproof digital calipers containing gate magnetic sensors will malfunction if exposed to magnet. Waterproof digital calipers containing capacitive sensors can not be used in water although it's waterproof. Only waterproof digital calipers containing electromagnetic induction sensors can be exposed to magnet, water, coolant, oil and dust. The IP67 waterproof digital calipers containing electromagnetic induction sensors invented by Mr.Wu not only can be used in water, coolant and oil, but also can keep the origin (zero position. This function is unequaled) after power turn-off or replacement of battery, just like the vernier calipers. Since the foundation of Guilin Holy Instrument Technology Co., Ltd, Mr.Wu and his team have been focusing on the research & development, production and sales of new sensors, measuring tools, automation measuring instruments, and on-line measurement solutions. The outstanding capabilities of HOLY in design , research & development will help them to introduce new cost-effective products continuously. At present, HOLY manufactures mainly waterproof measuring tools with protection level IP67 , such as waterproof digital calipers, waterproof digital depth gauges, waterproof digital scale units, waterproof digital height gauges, etc.. The product prices of HOLY are only a quarter of imported products, or even one-fifth, but the quality can be on a par with that of imported products or even better. Since the launch of HOLY products, they have become more and more popular with consumers. HOLY people adhere to the tenet of Customers first, quality utmost, honesty best, technology foremost, mutual benefit and cooperation and are willing to carry out various technical exchanges or cooperate with all industry counterparts for complementary advantages and mutual development.

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Company Name: Guilin Holy Instrument Technology Co., Ltd.
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Business Type: Manufacturer
Year Established: 2009
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