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Fengguo Kuang

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Company Introduction

Shenzhen Kkpowergroup Co., Ltd. is the pioneer of green energy technology in the world. Shenzhen Kkpowergroup Co., Ltd. Being professional in Maglev Wind Turbine Generators (400w-600w-1kw-2kw-3kw) & Horizontal Axis Wind Turbines (400w-600w-1kw-2kw-3kw) Our clean power generation in breeze technologies is unique Energy-saving, emission reduction, creating a green future We have CE, ETL, Rohs, ISO certificate Suitable for: Remote areas Street lights Traffic signals Independent houses Telecommunication stations Independent Military Islands Electricity supply for community Power supply for ships Electricity for Agriculture and Fishery Wind-hydraulic generation systems Public electricity supply for buildings Landscape education of wind energy and electricity Kkpowergroup maglev wind turbine solar hybrid lighting systems have the following applications: Maglev wind turbine solar hybrid landscape lighting systems Maglev wind turbine solar hybrid street lighting systems Maglev wind turbine solar hybrid lighting systems for telecommunication stations Maglev wind turbine solar hybrid lighting systems for factories Maglev wind turbine solar hybrid house lighting systems Advantages: Completely no need to connect with city power, no need to place cables and no need to use transformers to supply power Can be installed in any places and can last illumination for 10-12 hours every day, ceaselessly working for 5-8 days in the rainy days With beautiful shapes Refined structure is very safe Comparison: Compared with traditional wind solar hybrid systems, Kkpowergroup Wind solar hybrid systems make full use of the energy of low wind speed The generating efficiency has increased by at least 35% Not influenced by the wind direction and has effectively overcome the influence of turbulence The requiring installation height is obviously lower, resulting in wide application scope and increasing application value We devote ourselves to the research, consultation, manufacture and sale of maglev wind turbine generators and LED street lamps. We also deal with the export and import of goods and technologies. Through independent R&D, we have successfully created the world's first-class maglev wind generators being applicable to charging intensively. Meanwhile, we have also invented the new wind solar hybrid systems and wind solar hybrids LED streetlight systems integrating maglev wind generators with solar energy, with many patents and self-independence knowledge on them. We have also passed some international testing and identification. On the basis of energy-saving and emission-reduction, we are dedicated to the high efficiency of wind energy and the cause of developing a low-carbon environmentally friendly society. Our products have been widely put into practical application in China (including Taiwan area), the United States, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand and other countries and regions. Technology innovation on green energy has greatly changed human beings' lives through a way of more energy-saving, more scientific and more environmentally friendly. We deeply know the mission we shoulder! We will ceaselessly innovate and improve our products, wholly making our technologies and services better and creating a brighter future for human kinds! Product overview: Maglev wind turbine generators: The design of wind turbines - maglev wind turbines integrate Exterior Design, Practical Design, Electrical Engineering, Power Mechanics, Aviation Atmosphere Engineering, Wind Tunnel Testing and Magnetic Levitation Theory with the Computer Simulation of Fractions, adopting the magnetic levitation theory-when there is no mechanical friction with the motor, under the push of wind, making the motor rotate smoothly and stably. The wind turbines' minimum rotating wind speed achieves 1m/s. Achieving the world-class brand! Being committed to energy-saving, emission reduction and creating a green future

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