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Ms Mei
Ms Mei

Ms Mei

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Shenzhen kingfu Shenzhen kingfu was established in 2003, under which there are three companies, is a set of product design and manufacturing plants. We can provide a wide range of services and technical resources. We have professional technical knowledge and first-class production process, combined with foreign partners to provide the latest product information, to produce the world's newest, best-selling products, and applications for a number of patents. products: Shenzhen gangfeng Abrasives Co., Ltd. production: ceramic grinding wheel, Diamond CBN grinding wheel. Shenzhen jindunwang Diamond Products Co., Ltd. production: diamond CBN resin grinding wheel; Shenzhen KINGFU mold factory production: plastic mold, plastic products, product assembly. Products: Kitchen knife sharpener, baby stroller pedal Why Gang peaks? Experience: We have 20 years experience in production by, and cooperation with many domestic design companies, many complex projects. We have the ability to enable our customers to design and produce the latest technology and highest quality products and diversity. Collection procedures: We provide complete solutions to meet customer demand based on cross-functional product design and manufacturing. Cost-effectiveness: For the purchase and control of large-scale production or defect rate, we can reduce costs, from product design to delivery of cost-effectiveness is always integrated manufacturing systems, the company attaches great importance to product development and updates. Productivity: The company in Shenzhen and Dongguan, covering an area of 20,000 square meters, including mold workshop and production line of plastic parts and abrasives plant area model, stamping, die-casting zinc and aluminum. Mechanical Design: Prototypes, parts machining, plastic molding machine design and drafting, 3D modeling, and 2Rd design and drafting Project: Product development and delivery of the production line design, testing and quality control plan, process control, standard certification Quality Assurance: Quality is our life. Our aim is to strict quality standards, and strictly comply with, a strong internal audit and management tools, and third-party industry standard testing and certification, we can guarantee the stability of the quality and the passing rate. Your information, images and imagination, will be the beginning of our cooperation.

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