Shanghai Benefisha Industrial Co., Ltd.
Sarah Mrs. Liu

Shanghai Benefisha Industrial Co., Ltd.

Address Rm. 903, North Building(No. 2), No. 289, Zheqiao Road, Pudong, Shanghai, China
Personal phone
Office phone 86-21-58996887
Shanghai Benefisha Industrial Co., Ltd. is a professional producer and exporter on following items: 1. Stock Cube&Powder 2. Noodles(Instant Soup Noodle(Cut, Sachet, Bowl), Fresh Noodle(Udon Noodle, Ramen Noodle, Soba Noodle, Rice Noodle), Dried Noodle(Longkou Vermicelli, Rice Vermicelli, Udon Noodle, Ramen Noodle, Soba Noodle), Frozen Sanuki Noodle, Shirataki(Konnyaku)) 3. Seasoning&Sauces: Soy Sauce(Japanese soy sauce, Dark soy sauce, Low Salt soy sauce, Light soy sauce, Sushi Soy Suace, Gluten Free soy sauce, Oganic soy sauce), Wasabi paste, Mayonnaise, Miso, Sriracha Hot Chilli Sauce, Sesame Oil, Sesame Paste, Chilli Sauce, Tomato Paste, Mirin Fu, Hon Mirin, Cooking Sake, Rice Vinegar, Sushi Vinegar, Kimchi Sauce, Teriyaki Sauce, Unagi Sauce, Tonkatsu Sauce, Yakiniku Sauce, Yakisoba Sauce, Worcester Sauce, Okonomi Sauce. 4. Seasoning&Condiment: Hondashi, Wasabi powder, Shichimi Togarashi, Ichimi Togarashi, Chicken Seasoning, Sichuan Pepper(Red&Green), Salted Sesame(Black&White), MSG(Monosodium Glutamate), Coconut Cream Powder. 5. Coating Mix: Panko(Bread Crumbs), Tempura Batter Mix, Karrage Batter Mix. 6. Seaweed&Dried: Nori(Roasted Seaweed), Dried Wakame, Dried Hijiki, Dried Kombu, Dried Mushroom(Shiitake), Black Fungus, White Fungus, Katsubushi, Dried Bean Curd Sticks, Sesame(Roasted White, Roasted Black, Hulled White, Black seed). 7. Pickled&Canned Food: Canned Lychee, Pickled Sushi Ginger, Pickled Radish(Takuan), Pickled Shredded Ginger, Pickled Cucumber, Pickled FukujinZuke, Ajitsuke Inari, Pickled Nameko Mushroom, Pickled Kanpyo. 8. Frozen Foods: Masago(Orange, Green, Red, Yellow, Black), Mentaiko, Frozen Seaweed Salad, Frozen Arctic Bay Salad, Frozen Seasoned Octopus, Frozen Seasoned Conch Flakes, Frozen Seasoned Crab Salad, Frozen Lobster Salad, Frozen Squid Salad, Blanched Octupus(Whole, Leg, Slice, Cut), IQF Soy Bean, IQF Soy Bean Kernels, Crab Stick(Kanikama), Baked Fish Cake(Chikuwa), Frozen Roasted Eel(Unagi), Spring Roll Wrapper. 9. Tea&Drinks: Green Tea Bag, Black Tea Bag, Sencha Green Tea, Hojicha Tea, Genmaicha Tea, Matcha(Instant Green Tea Powder), Jasmine Tea, Geen Tea Drink, Japanese Sake, Pure Rice Sake, Plum Wine. 10. Snacks&Confectionary: Fortune Cookie, Prawn Cracker, Fried Rice Cake, Wasabi Coated Green Peas, Rice Cracker Mix, Fried Peanut Kernel. We are dealing with our brands by TASSYA, FAMI'S, ENNOH, INTSUNRISE, COUMI FEMME and offer the OEM services at the same time depend on clients' requirements. We apply ourselves to spread the best quality and best characteristic products of natural, delicious, healthy to abroad market at all times at whichever marketing, Intsunrise is exporting its products mainly to West Africa, MID-east, Euro, South-east countries, and still developing the other marketing all over the world. Based on mutual benefit, we sincerely hope to cooperate with customers from all over the world. Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in our products. We guarantee to provide qualified products with the best service. LOOKING FOR SOLE AGENT OF OUR PRODUCTS ALL OVER THE WORLD! ! !

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