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cindy zheng
cindy zheng

cindy zheng


I am a sale in Jumper Medical. Am responsible for managing customer-relationships, finding new customers to sell goods, provide customers our best after-sale service.

I have in this position after my graduated from Hubei University of Technology. My major is international trade. 

I love my job. It bring me profit and help me make friends from the world.

I also like hiking and singing. My favorite singer is Celion Dion and Adela.

Company Introduction

Shenzhen Jumper Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. is located at the notionally known Shenzhen Shekou Industrial Park. Founded in 1998 and engaged in ultrasonic medical devices, the company is a joint venture by USA Jumper Company & Chinese Jumper Industry & Trading Development Co., Ltd. USA Jumper Company mainly involves in ultrasonic technology research and development, and its ultrasonic transducer technology takes a leading position over the world. Backed on its top grade marketing planning and enjoying excellent experts in ultrasonic signal processing and software development engineers, the Chinese party strives for providing mature and perfect ultrasonic medical devices to the medical industry.

Based on Sino-US technical cooperation and Hong Kong and Taiwan owned joint venture, Shenzhen Jumper Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. is engaged in R&D and production of maternal and infant health monitoring devices. The company has determined the development strategy of “developing by core technology, expanding market by product innovation” and the product development strategy of “international R&D, local production”. Under the leadership of Liang Manchu, an independent innovation pace-setter, investor and president (a permanent Hong Kong resident) of Jumper and in virtue of the great efforts for over 11 years, Jumper team achieves couples of technical breakthroughs in the field of domestic obstetrics and gynecology monitoring, and has obtained 7 product patents. The products from the company cover nine main series and 19 catalogs. The main products include: fetal doppler, fetal monitor, multi-parameter maternal-fetal monitor, Fetus Umbilical Blood-flow monitor, multi-parameter patient monitor, Long distance digital fetal monitoring system, bed unit ozone sterilizer, multi-functionalgynecology infertility diagnostic and therapeutic device, and maternal-infant comprehensive healthcare therapeutic device. The expert who studied abroad and returned to China leads on over 40 technical elites including master and doctor degree holders from Tsinghua University, Peking University, Zhejiang University and Shanghai Jiaotong University to perform innovative studies on ultrasonic emitting method, power and fetal heart rate calculation, collect the changes of fetal heart beat of pregnant women from various regions, nationalities, ages and professions over China, incorporate the essences from the famous branded fetal monitoring devices covering HP, Kohler, Oxford and Dongyi, have developed the fetal monitor suitable for Asian and have launched the first fetal monitor for monitoring triplets in the world. Based on years’ clinical trials, Jumper products are highly appraised due to the excellent monitoring and detecting effect. Shenzhen Jumper has developed into a professional gynecology & obstetrics in China and has obtained good reputation and remarkable social benefits. The products are not only highly appraised by the domestic and foreign famous medical experts, but also are high recommended by governments and sanitary departments at different levels of China. Christian F. Saonders, chief representative of United Nations Population Fund in China, made a review on Jumper and gave high comments for the products. For many times, Jumper products won the bids from the project of United Nations Children's Fund, United Nations Population Fund, World Bank/Asian Bank, Ministry of Health of the People’s Republic of China, Provincial Department of Health and Family Planning Departments. Wherein, the digital remote monitoring system is entitled national recommended key product and brings remarkable benefits for obstetrical nursing and diagnosis of many medical institutions.

Shenzhen Jumper Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. has set up a perfect marketing network, its products are sold to each domestic and foreign market, and the Angelsoundss in particular. While carrying out ISO9001:2000 Quality Management System and performing strict control on quality, we pay more attention to the after-sales service of the products. Angelsoundss, a newly developed product, acquires the permit for selling in Occident market, passes the certification of CE and FDA, is well sold to over 60 countries and regions over the world, and has established stable marketing network in many countries and regions. That benefits a popular use of quality obstetrical diagnostic and therapeutic device throughout the world. Along with the development and expansion of the international market, Jumper Company is getting a focus in international medical device market serving as the unique designated parameter for the international aid bid project called by various governmental organizations. The company is equipped with a team of professionally trained technicians to provide perfect and considerate service for all of customers. That causes an increasing market share of our products and high appraising from medical staff and pregnant women. Moreover, the products bring great benefits to our agents and distributors. Adhering to the commission of “Keep Health, Cherish Life”, we will keep marching on forward. 

Company Profile

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