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Magnesium Powder for Industry
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Magnesium Powder for Industry

Usage:mainly used for desulphurization pretreatment in molten iron
Appearance:silver-gray spherical granules, with 0.5-1.6mm diameter (can be changed according to user’s request )
Rests angle (IC): smaller than 26°
Density of relax stack:1.0g/cm3
Burning point: in average, not lower than 600 °C.
Burning-resistant time at high temperature:not less than 15---18 second at 1000°C
Production technology characteristic:machine-cutting processed, then sphericizing and coating processed
Package:double layer sealed package. The inner layer of the package is a polyethylene film and the outer one is a flexible collecting bag. Each bag is with net weight of 1,000 kilograms. According to the user’s request, packaging materials may also be provided by users
Transportation cautions:water-proof and moisture-proof are needed, but fire-proof and explosion-proof are not necessary. When road or railway transportations are implemented, trays are needed under the packing sacks and covers too, on the top of them as shelters from rain, snow etc. Containers must be used for marine transportation
Storage:should be separately put on trays, in dry and well ventilated storehouse with roof to avoid water contact
Warranty time: six months after delivery

Physics and chemistry targe

Chemical composition % ( Weight )

Size composition % ( Weight )

Magnesium content ( mg )


0.5 —— 1.6mm

Irregular granularity

≥ 92

≤ 5


≤ 8

Notice: Granules should not stick with each other and with other mechanical impurities . Irregular granularity indicates: in length more than 3mm acicular granules or granules with long tails
Rest angle (IC): smaller than 26°
Density of relax stack: 1.0g /cm3
Burning point: not lower than 600 °C in average
Burning-resistant time at high temperature: not less than 15---18 second at 1,000 °C.
Magnesium content in granules before coating: 99.95%.
Content of magnesium after the coating: 92 –98% according to user's request.

The characteristic of Mg powder:

It is flammable and explosive,and brings high temperature and glaring light when burning.Therefore,Mg powder is wisely used in such scientific area as war industry and aviation industry. The chemical performance of Mg is very active,which is mostly used in metallurgical industry.Mg powder can sever as desulfurizer or cleaning agent for steel-making industry and casting of non-ferrous metals,and reducer for production of rare metal. In chemical industry,Mg powder can be used as dehydrant for organic compound or to directly make organic compound of Mg.In recent years,Mg powder has been mostly used in spaying,coatingantti-corrosion,monocrystalline silicon,polycrystalline silicon ,and cating of metallurgical powder as well .


Passivation spherical Mg powder

 It used for desulfuration and deoxidation in production of fine steel, bringing the sulfur element of fine steel to be less that 0.04%.As a dehydrant ,it is not replaceable to improve fine steel quality.exploition,In production of ductile castiron,it can be a nodulizer in place of middle alloy amony iron-silicon-Mg.For oil it can resume or accelerate the speed of the pressure drilling hole and oil well.Passivated spherical Mg powder is an effective dehydrant and incendiary agent for chemical and war industry.Besides used as a Mg alloy powder,It is also a kind of metallurgical materials.


FOB Price:
Minimum Order: 10 Ton/Tons
Port: Any port in China
Payment Terms: L/C,D/A,D/P,T/T,Western Union

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