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Used Tyre Retreading Equipment-Buffing Machine
1.Factory-focusing used tyre buffing machine
3.Automatic tire buffing machine

 Your Complete Tire Retreading Equipments

Retreading is a safe, efficient and environmentally friendly way to breathe new life into worn tyres: The "worn-out" tread of the tyre is replaced with a brand-new one and this means that the tyre can be used again!
Unfortunately, however, not every tyre can be retreaded. The requirements are:
 The tyre was used correctly in its "first life", driven with the right air pressure and treated with care.
 The tyre's frame, the carcass, is not seriously damaged.

In addition, whether a retreadable carcass can be reused depends on the type of tyre. The following retreading limits apply:
 Car tyres: 1 time 
 Light truck tyres: Generally 1 time 
 Truck tyres: 1 to 3 times 
 Aircraft tyres: Up to 12 times 

tire retreading equipment

The benefits of retreading are that it is both environmentally friendly and cost-efficient!
 When the tread has worn off, only about 20% of the tyre is used up. The carcass, which represents about 80% of the tyre's value, can be re-rubberised for a "new tyre life". 
 To produce a truck or bus tyre requires about 60-80 kg of rubber mixture. Retreading the tyre takes only about 15 kg of rubber. A considerable amount of raw materials can therefore be saved. In the EU, this equates to more than 300,000 tonnes per year!  
 To produce a car tyre requires about 28 litres of crude oil. To retread a car tyre, on the other hand, only 5.5 litres of oil are needed.

Cold used tire retreading equipment-tire buffing machine capable for tire models from 650-1200(15'' 16'' 20'' 22.5'') Tehnical Parameters:

1.Rubbing head speed:2930 r/min. Powered by15kw

2.Clamping wheel speed: 42r/min

3.Rubbing tool model: R4-25 4.Total electricity power: 22kw

used tire Buffing Machine Remarks:

1.the buffing machine can buff tire like this ,a little curve .

2.Buffing head as swaying from side to side automatically,

used tyre retreading Buffing Machine Functions:

1 to buff the used tyre so that used tyre roof will form a clean and rough surface convenient for interfusion of used tyre and new material of procured tread.

2 to buff used tyre roof so that the size of circumference as required will be obtaine

Juxian Jinhui Rubber Machinery Factory is a company specialized in tyre Retreading & Recycling System.We design,manufacture and market Tyre Retreading Equipments for global market.With more than 10 years experience in tyre retreading industry,we have been considered the leading manufacture and supplier in Tyre Retreading Field of China.

Tire retreading equipments-curing chamber,vulcanizing tank,buffing machine,grinding machine,building machine etc.
Should you have any inquiry or question about our products,Please feel free to contact us at any time.We promise to offer you our best service and best quality products with best competitive price.
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FOB Price: FOB USD 5000~10000 / Set
Minimum Order: 1 Set/Sets
Port: qingdao
Payment Terms: T/T

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