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1.easy operated and excellent in performance
2.vacuum suction feeder
3.new style and perfect in design.


Model Number


Maximum Machine speed

12,000 s.p.h

Maximum sheet size


Minimum sheet size


Sheet thickness


Maximum image area


Plate size


Blanket size


Maximum feeder pile height


Maximum delivery pile height


Machine overall dimension


Total power of motors


Net weight


JD series are new generations of four multiple-color offset printing machine which gather a number of patented technologies, aiming to adapt to the high-speed development of the domestic printing market.
It perfectly showed the dexterousness, intellectualization and efficiency of the quarto heavy offset machine by adopting the automatic pneumatically controlled clamp bar, DC and permanent magnetize controlled automatic triaxial plate-registration system, accurate automatic press-regulating system and bus electronic controlling system with Mitsubishi CC-LINK communication mode.
The stainless steel sprayed impression and plate cylinder can extend the usage of machine. Through the CIP4 we can easily composite digital workflow with preprinting CTP and postprinting equipment. At the same time we can preinstall the level and the color of ink which can greatly reduce the printing establishments’ reliance on the experienced printing technicians.
Under certain conditions, we not only can monitor and control the status of the printing press and parameters variation but also can conveniently install the subparts, such as the prevalent printing, glazing UV printing gear and automatic cleaning rubber roller, ink roll, etc. Thus, the scalability of our product’s function is greatly improved.
Vacuum suction feeder table
Equipped with imported air pump of big flow vacuum
To adapt to any type or size of paper automatically, so as to change paper format faster and easier.
Equipped with the ultrasonic double-sheet detector at the front lay, which can thoroughly protect cylinders.

Sophisticated gripper system
The independent high-strength steel quench textured pad enjoys long life and can be easily replaced;
The wear-resisting soft pads achieve stable paper transfer and accurate delivery of paper;
The imported high-precision needle roller bearings and open tooth bearings improved the stability of the entire gripper system.

Device for adjuting paper thickness automatically
The sophisticated gear drive can automatically report the space of cylinders to the touch-screen control system by potentiometer;
The large torque and strong self-lock ability of the DC permanent magnet motor drive can ensure the stability of the printing pressure.
The paper thickness can be input directly on the touch screen and be performed simply and conveniently.

The Auto clamp bar system is pneumatic controlled, without any tools
It adopts the imported hoses and disc spring to control the tension of clamp bars flexibly and reliably.
In order to meet the various kinds of printing business demands, we use the high precision encoder to control the corner of the rollers so that the program can automatically control the installing and removing plate process rapidly and accurately.
The tail of clamp bar is seperated, so that it can help paper more smooth.

High-accuracy CCD photoelectric edge folding machine
The standard configuration of 40 multiplying power LED imaging photoelectric punch component can avoid errors in plate making process;
Punching, edge folding process can be finished one time by pneumatic control.
PS plate is sucked by vacuum and ultra hard alloy steel punch.

1. The semi-automatic lock up device makes operator lock up fast and accurate. On the other hand, it can reduce the printing lock up auxiliary time.

2. The paper thickness preinstall function enables the operator to adjust the printing pressure of different color units automatically, rapidly and synchronously according to the thickness of paper.
3. With non-stop feeder,piles are changed at production speed.It saves a great deal of time when running thick paper and long-version work offline.

4. The electric is controlled by Mitsubishi’s mature technology bus module, i.e., CC-Link.

5. The printing system ,composed of the double-diameter impression cylinder and transfer cylinder, helps to print thick paper and cardboard; At the same time it reduces times of hand-over of paper, and is also helpful for accurate overprinting.
6. The centralized controlled DC electric pulling plate controls the lock up error on three direction (circumferential, axial and diagonal ), which is convenient to calibrate the four-color printing plate and reduce auxiliary printing time.

7. Five rollers on the plate cylinder, and an intermediate roller in alcoholic damping system helps to eliminate the “ghost” image, achieve the quick ink-water balance and reduce paper consumption


FOB Price:
Minimum Order: 1 Set/Sets
Port: Ningbo, Guangzhou ,Shanghai
Payment Terms: T/T

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