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Function: detox foot patch,slimming foot patch,blood-sugar reducing  foot patch, kidney-health foot patch,sleep helper foot patch 

Ingredient: tourmaline foot patch,bamboo vinegar foot patch, wooden vinegar foot patch, traditional medical foot patch

Aroma: lavender foot patch,forest foot patch,rose foot patch,mint foot patch,clove foot patch

Foot patch


 wood vinegar extract,bamboo vinegar extract,chitin and chitosan,tourmaline,vitamin C,vegetable fiber,minus ion powder,dextrin ect.


Detox Foot Patch (made from plant quintessence) discharges internal moisture and toxins from the sole through foot points. The amazing effect of this foot patch can be both felt and seen. It has become one of the most popular and well-known detox and healthcare products at present. The main ingredient of foot patch is natural bamboo acid quintessence, which has super functions of infiltration and toxin-dispelling. Its effects can be lasted for as long as 8 hours. By using foot patch, toxins and wastes resorted in incretion, intestinal canal and circulatory system can be quickly expelled.



1. Dispelling toxins accumulated in absorbent system, promoting functions of absorbent system and strengthening the immunity

2. Promoting blood circulation & metabolism

3. Activating cells, improving functions of vital organs

4. Relieving foot fatigue

5. Relaxing muscles & tendons and eliminating moisture, replenishing vital essence and strengthening kidney

6. Relieving swelling & pain

7. Promoting sleeping



1. Clean foot

2. Tear down the bigger paster of the ventilate adhesive plaster, and then attach the side printed with characters to the adhesive plaster

3. Shake up the quintessential powder in the bag, tear down the smaller paster of the ventilate adhesive plaster, and then attach the bag to the sole

4. Once or twice per day, you can attach it for 6-7 hours before sleeping, then tear down the bag and clear the skin



1. Please keep your feet dry while using

2. Patches which are not used should be sealed in the bag

3. Please pay attention that it is likely to stick the medicament to your socks or shoes if you put on socks or shoes with foot patch

4. Store it in a cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight and high temperature

5. When used by children, adult should instruct

6. If the skin takes on such novel situations as rubefaction and itch, please stop using and consult skin experts


FOB Price: FOB USD 0.075~0.13 / Piece
Minimum Order: 10000 Piece/Pieces
Port: Qingdao
Payment Terms: L/C,T/T,Western Union,MoneyGram,paypal

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