Hua Quan considering the market needs and develop the new products which is organic flocculating agents- Organic PAC.

Product description

PAC is a type of inorganic flocculants. The flock can form rapidly with fast sedimentation rate and low cost. The water clarity rate is better than aluminum sulfates. PAC can give good result in a wide range of pH (5-11).


The water treatment cost is lower than that of other inorganic coagulants.It can lead to quick formation of flock with 

big size and rapid precipitation.It has widerange adaptability to the waters at different temperatures and a good 

solubility.The dissolved liquid of PAC is slightly corrosive and suitable for the automatic dosing and convenient for 


Application Field
1, cleanse of water from river, reservoir and groundwater.
2. cleanse of industry water, waste water treatment and sludge dewatering.
3. Sewage treatment and sludge dewatering
4. Starting materials of cosmetics.
5. Sizing agent in paper industry
6. Carrier of catalyst.


Add directly to the treated water after the product dissolves in water to form homogeneous solution. There is no specific requirement for concentration, but the normal range is 5%-20% and the exact concentration should be tested according to the equipments and the amount of water to be treated.
The dosage of PAC should also be determined by water quality, which should be tested by experiments. Normally the dosage is about 3-30gram per ton of tap water, and 50-1000g per industry waste water.


FOB Price: FOB USD 255~265 / Metric Ton
Minimum Order: 20 Metric Ton/Metric Tons
Port: Qingdao/Tianjin
Payment Terms: L/C,T/T

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