GHL AC LV Power Distribution Box is widely used in the power distribution system with AC frequency of 50 Hz.

Purpose of Use

GHL AC LV Power Distribution Box is widely used in the power distribution system with AC frequency of 50 Hz, rated insulated voltage of 500 V, rated operating voltage of AC 380 V/220 V and rated current no more than 630 A. It is an AC LV power distribution box for power supply, lighting, distribution, power switching and distribution control. Generally, it shall be installed near the powered equipment, such as pump house, fan house, elevator house, kitchen, electric shaft, functioning power distribution and control over those powered equipment. The power distribution box has both distribution and control functions.

Conditions of Normal use

²        Ambient air temperature: -5°C £ Ta £ + 40°C, with the average temperature within 24 h no more than + 35°C

²        Ambient air relative humidity: £ 50% at the highest temperature of 40°C, but high relative humidity at the lower temperature, for example, 90% at the temperature of 20°C

²        Altitude at the site for installation: £ 2000 m.

²        The equipment shall be installed at the place without intensive shake and impulse, and where there is no erosion for electric element

²        Pollution rating: III

Negotiate with the user for special requirements and comply with them.

Technical Data:

²        Standard and norm: GB 7251.3

²        Electric clearance and creepage distance: Rated impulse withstand voltage (Uimp): 6 KV

Over voltage type: IV

²        Rated insulated voltage: AC 500 V

²        Rated operating frequency: 50 Hz

²        Rated operating voltage: AC 220 V or 380 V;

²        Operating voltage of auxiliary loop: AC 220 V or 380 V;

²        Rated operating current: to 630 A

²        Protection Rating: to IP 30

²        Dimension: Height: 1600, 1800, 2000 mm

               Width: 600, 800 mm

               Depth: 350, 500 mm


²        GHL AC LV Power Distribution Box is structured in framed fabrication, with flexible and convenient unit of various types.

²        It can be installed either single or side by side, with outgoing and incoming cables in such ways as up incoming up outgoing, up incoming down outgoing, down incoming down outgoing.

²        It has a fresh and graceful panel, with the door of 180° opening angle, freely open either from the front or the back, for the convenience of installation, commissioning, maintenance and operation.

²        Its main loop is full in scheme, besides those in common use, including dual-loop power incoming, connection, Y/D voltage-reduced start (to 55 KW), self-coupling voltage-reduced start (to 75 KW), reactive terminal compensation (to 60 Kvar).

Installation and Maintenance

²        First open the box to check whether the type and specification are right, and whether the auxiliary parts, attached spare parts and documents are complete after its arrival. If they are not used immediately, reserve them into the appropriate site under the normal conditions.

²        For several machines installed side-by-side, connect with the bolts between boxes.

²        Before installation of power distribution box, pre-embed the anchor slot steels or mount bolts In terms of the appearance of boxes.

²        Generally, the power distribution box shall be fixed against the wall. Outgoing and incoming cables shall go through the cable or cable tube embedded under the ground. Incoming cable can be introduced from the top according to the special requirements.

²        In terms of floor standing installation, the box shall be blocked up by 100 mm. If the incoming/outgoing cable is thick, a basic pit shall be preserved at the bottom of the box to meet the need of bending radius of cable.

²        Before installation, overhaul, and operation of the power distribution box, check and test the following items.

²        Check whether the box is clean, whether there is something lost on the electric elements and busbars.

²        Check whether the electric element is damaged or broken down.

²        Check whether the manual operating switch is in good condition, whether the brake is available to open or close.

²        Check whether the measuring device and displaying device are good or not.

²        Check whether the fuse is good or not.

²        Measure the insulated resistance by the Ohm meter.

Nature of Complete Set of Products

²        Certificate;

²        User Manual;

²        Provide the spare parts according to the contract for goods;

²        Product packing list

Key Points of Ordering

The following documents shall be provided when ordering;

²        Primary system diagram

²        The related secondary principle diagram or control principle instruction

²        Table of details on devices in the box (including type, specification and quantity)

²        Outgoing and incoming way of the distribution box

²        Table of details on spare parts (including type, specification, and quantity)


FOB Price:
Minimum Order: 1 Set/Sets
Port: Any port in China
Payment Terms: L/C,T/T

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