1detox foot spa basin
2ion detox theraphy function
3promote blood circulation
4pulse massage:reduce fatigue
5relieve spasms

                                    detox foot spa basin

                    foot spa washing basin

                    foot spa basin with pulse






detox foot spa basin with big LCD/ion cleanse foot spa basin with pulse
MODULE item:S9804B
1.main part: foot spa machine
2,attachment:wirstband(1 pic),array(1pic) 
,power cord(1 pic),manual(1 pic),pulse pad(1 pair)
3,inner box:color corton
4,outer box: big carton(one big contains two machines)
1 Acupuncture and physical therapy function(3 modes)
2, with the detox  function,can help to make the body purifed and healthy(5 modes)
3,show the process on the wide LCD screen
4.Positive and negative ion wave  demonstration
1,ion detox theraphy function,combine with the acupuncture and physical therapy function;
2,Balance physiology, clean meridians and promote blood circulation
3,Improve insomnia and strengthen digestive system
4pulse massage:reduce fatigue,relieve spasms,and further more strengthen the analgesic effect.
5Your body detoxifies while you comfortably sit and put feet in a basin full of warm water. 
it is similar to put feet into the hot springs only more powerful because your feet are in 
size and package
1.size:inner box:24.5*43.5*53.5cm) ,outer box:50.5*56.5*48(cm)
2.weight:net weight:3(kg)   gross weight:3.7(kg) gross weight/ big caron:8.5kg
3.power:40W  voltage:8.5-15V   ampere:0.7-1.5A
4package:one pic in a color box ,1 big carton:2 pics , 20*20container:600-650pics
1,detoxified function:1,put some water into the basin,put a little salt into it.
2,conect the machine with the power cord.
3,connect the array with the machine and put it into the water.
4,connect the wristband with the machine and put it on your 
 wrist.5,set the working time .6,press(START/STOP) to start the operation.
7,choose a sutable mode(MODE)8,.stop automaticly when  the time is out 
2,the operation of the pulse pad:1, start the acupuncture function pressing PULSE/SWITCH 
button .2,choose the sutable mode(PULSE/MODE button)  3,stop the function    
remark:the detoxified function can be used with the pulse pad at the same time or used separatly






FOB Price: FOB USD 100~215 / Set
Minimum Order: 100 Set/Sets 10cartons
Port: guangzhou
Payment Terms: T/T,Western Union,MoneyGram,alipay paypal

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