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Yufei Electromechanical Equipment is a professional supplier of generator sets spare parts,diesel&gas&marine engine spare parts.We can supply Perkins spare parts as following:  DGDM8947SY DGDM8947S DGDM8947 DGDM8924Y DGDM8924 DGDM8922Y DGDM8922 DGDM8883Y DGDM8883 DGDM8823Y DGDM8823 DGDM8818Y DGDM8818 DGDM8817Y DGDM8817 DGDM8816Y DGDM8816 DGDM8813Y DGDM8813 DGDM8803Y DGDM8803 DGDM8705Y DGDM8705 DGDM8699Y DGDM8699 DGDM8630Y DGDM8630 DGDM8617Y DGDM8617 DGDM8585Y DGDM8585 DGDM8584Y DGDM8584 DGDM8552SY DGDM8552S DGDM8518Y DGDM8518 DGDM8468Y DGDM8468SY DGDM8468S DGDM8468 DGDM8428Y DGDM8428 DGDM8421Y DGDM8421 DGDM8418Y DGDM8418 DGDM8416Y DGDM8416 DGDM8402Y DGDM8402 DGDM8398Y DGDM8398 DGDM8326Y DGDM8326 DGDM8283Y DGDM8283 DGDM8238Y DGDM8238 DGDM8177Y DGDM8177 DGDM8132Y DGDM8132SY DGDM8132S DGDM8132 DGDM8117Y DGDM8117 DGDM8040Y DGDM8040 DGDM8039Y DGDM8039 DGDM8038Y DGDM8038 DGDM6613Y DGDM6613 DGDM6608Y DGDM6608 DGDM6592Y DGDM6592 DGDM6590Y DGDM6590 DGDM6588Y DGDM6588 DGDM6584Y  DGDM6584 DGDM6583Y DGDM6583 DGDM6566Y DGDM6566 DGDM6557Y DGDM6557 DGDM6553Y DGDM6553 DGDM6542Y DGDM6542 DGDM6528Y DGDM6528 DGDM6526Y DGDM6526 DGDM6518Y DGDM6518 DGDM6504Y DGDM6504 DGDM6495Y DGDM6495 DGDM6480Y DGDM6480 DGDM6474Y DGDM6474 DGDM6464Y DGDM6464 DGDM6457Y DGDM6457 DGDM6409Y DGDM6409 DGDM6397Y DGDM6397 DGDM6384Y DGDM6384 DGDM6377Y DGDM6377 DGDM6362Y DGDM6362 DGDM6348Y DGDM6348 DGDM6322Y DGDM6322 DGDM6293Y DGDM6293 DGDM6283Y DGDM6283 DGDM6269Y DGDM6269 DGDM6259Y DGDM6259 DGDM6255Y DGDM6255SY DGDM6255S DGDM6255 DGDM6241Y DGDM6241 DGDM6205Y DGDM6205 DGDM6193Y DGDM6193 DGDM6134Y DGDM6134SY DGDM6134S DGDM6134 DGDM6123Y DGDM6123 DGDM6121Y DGDM6121 DGDM6115Y DGDM6115 DGDM6097Y DGDM6097 DGDM6076Y DGDM6076 DGDM6068Y DGDM6068 DGDM6065Y DGDM6065 DGDM6064Y DGDM6064 DGDM6059Y DGDM6059SY DGDM6059S DGDM6059 DGDM6051Y DGDM6051SY DGDM6051S DGDM6051 DGDM6031Y DGDM6031 DGDM6016Y DGDM6016 DGDM6009Y DGDM6009 DGDM6008Y DGDM6008SY DGDM6008S DGDM6008 DGDM3362Y DGDM3362 DGDM3361Y DGDM3361 DGDM3356Y DGDM3356 DGDM3352Y DGDM3352 DGDM3351Y DGDM3351 DGDM3343Y DGDM3343 DGDM3339Y DGDM3339 DGDM3338Y DGDM3338 DGDM3337Y DGDM3337 DGDM3333Y DGDM3333 DGDM3332Y DGDM3332 DGDM3330Y DGDM3330 DGDM3328Y DGDM3328 DGDM3326Y DGDM3326 DGDM3318Y DGDM3318 DGDM3315Y DGDM3315 DGDM3314Y DGDM3314 DGDM3303 DGDM3292Y DGDM3292 DGDM3291Y DGDM3291 DGDM3284 DGDM3283 DGDM3282 DGDM3281Y DGDM3281 DGDM3277Y DGDM3277 DGDM3274 DGDM3266 DGDM3260 DGDM3258 DGDM3014Y DGDM3014 DGDM3011Y DGDM3011 DGDM1228Y DGDM1228 DGDM1069Y DGDM1069SY DGDM1069S DGDM1069 DGDM1068Y DGDM1068SY DGDM1068S DGDM1068 DGDM1067Y DGDM1067 DGDM0420Y DGDM0420 DGDM0409Y DGDM0409 DGDM0388Y DGDM0388 DGDM0345Y DGDM0345 DGDM0341SY DGDM0341S DGDM0264Y DGDM0264 DGDM0259Y DGDM0259 DGDM0257Y DGDM0257 DGDM0251Y DGDM0251 DGDM0235Y DGDM0235 DGDM0234Y DGDM0234SY DGDM0234S DGDM0234 DGDM0182Y DGDM0182 DGDM0166Y DGDM0166SY DGDM0166S DGDM0166 DGDM0102Y DGDM0102 DGDM0101Y DGDM0101 DGDM0100Y DGDM0100SY DGDM0100S DGDM0100 DGDM0095Y DGDM0095SY DGDM0095S DGDM0095 DGDM0094Y DGDM0094SY DGDM0094S DGDM0094 DGDM0092Y DGDM0092 DGDM0091Y DGDM0091SY DGDM0091S DGDM0091 DGDM0086Y DGDM0086 DGDM0085Y DGDM0085 DGDM0084Y DGDM0084 DGDM0083Y DGDM0083SY DGDM0083S DGDM0083 DGDH8959Y DGDH8959 DGDH8881Y DGDH8881 DGDH8785Y DGDH8785 DGDH8762Y DGDH8762 DGDH8692Y DGDH8692SY DGDH8692S DGDH8692 DGDH8691Y DGDH8691 DGDH8675Y DGDH8675 DGDH8674Y DGDH8674 DGDH8671Y DGDH8671 DGDH8670Y DGDH8670 DGDH8570Y DGDH8570 DGDH1275Y DGDH1275 DGDH0350Y DGDH0350 DGDH0242SY DGDH0242S DGDH0159SY DGDH0159S DGDH0158Y DGDH0158 DGDH0157Y DGDH0157SY DGDH0157S DGDH0157 DGDH0156Y DGDH0156SY DGDH0156S DGDH0156 DGDH0155Y DGDH0155SY DGDH0155S DGDH0155 DGDH0154Y DGDH0154SY DGDH0154S DGDH0154 DGDH0150Y DGDH0150SY DGDH0150S DGDH0150 DGDF8998Y DGDF8998 DGDF8993Y DGDF8993 DGDF8958Y DGDF8958 DGDF8917Y DGDF8917 DGDF8861Y DGDF8861 DGDF8807Y DGDF8807 DGDF8698Y DGDF8698 DGDF8681Y DGDF8681 DGDF8676Y DGDF8676 DGDF8625Y DGDF8625 DGDF8612Y DGDF8612 DGDF8592Y DGDF8592 DGDF8578Y DGDF8578 DGDF8569SY DGDF8569S DGDF8568SY DGDF8568S DGDF8556Y DGDF8556 DGDF8551Y DGDF8551 DGDF8512Y DGDF8512 DGDF8509Y DGDF8509 DGDF8457Y DGDF8457 DGDF8455Y DGDF8455 DGDF8441Y DGDF8441 DGDF8432Y DGDF8432 DGDF8399Y DGDF8399 DGDF8383Y DGDF8383 DGDF8382Y DGDF8382 DGDF8379Y DGDF8379 DGDF8370Y DGDF8370 DGDF8354Y DGDF8354 DGDF8348Y DGDF8348 DGDF8329Y DGDF8329 DGDF8314Y DGK120460 DGK120391 DGK120386 DGK120358 DGK120313 DGK120295 DGK120271 DGK120231 DGK120201 DGK120196 DGK120176 DGK120107 DGK120015 DGK120001Y DGK120001 DGK082463 DGK081252 DGK081206 DGK081116 DGK081100 DGK081091 DGK080927Y DGK080927 DGK080422 DGK080180Y DGK080180 DGK080124 DGK080040 DGF061102 DGF060698 DGF060412 DGEF8726Y DGEF8726SY DGEF8726S DGEF8726 DGEF8725Y DGEF8725 DGEF1009Y DGEF1009SY DGEF1009S DGEF1009 DGEF1008SY DGEF1008S DGE080010 DGDM8952Y DGDM8952 DGDM8950Y DGDM8950 DGDM8947Y CH10864 CH10947 CV12661 CV18194/M CV19919 L781DF05 L781LF22 MP10538 MP10539 MP20062 OE52110/1 OE52250/1 SEV659C/5 SEV659F/5 TPN469 TPN695 T400547 T402218 T402226 T405977 T407604 T410622 T410624 T411395 T411836 T411876 T412293 T412962 T413550 T413848 T414123 T414398 T415145 T416258 T417230 T417248 T417272 T417351 T417933 T419462 T422208 T422431 T426823 T426825 T426828 T426831 T430233 U5EA0032 U5MK0611 U5MK0613 U5MK0614 U5MK1063 U65116551 U65116661 U65116680 U65116780 U65116800 U65116820 U65116840 U65116850 ZZ20202 125276080 125276090 165016590 165016830 165106060 165106092 165106131 165106231 165106291 165106301 165106310 165106340 165106350 165106370 165106490 165106500 165106510 165106660 165106760 165106780 165107010 165107020 165107200 165116373 165116740 1817482C2 1817611C94 1820465C4 1826335C92 1881727C93 26439071 3116L002 3116L022 3716A007 3716A013 3716A016 3716C066 3716C067 3716C077 3716C127 3716C145 3716C167 3716C168 3716C173 3716C185 3716C215 3716C216 3716C217 3716C413 3716C415 3716C431 3716C451 3716C452 3716C491 3716C492 3716C511 3716C522 3716C523 3716C525 3716C561 3716C562 3716C573 3716C574 3716C581 3716E081 3716E082 3716L011 3716M052 3716M141 3716M153 3716M162 3716M181 3716M221 37161041 37161043 37161047 37161482 37161483 37161484 37161901 37161903 37161904 37161906 37161982 37161983 37161984 37161987 37162011 37162012 37166407 37166408 37166806 37166901 37167912 37167913 4142A059 4142A062 4142A165 4142A171 4142A172 4142A180 4142A205 4142A207 4142A402 4142A503 4142A504 4142K015 4142K017 4142K021 4142K024 DGDF8314 DGDF8301Y DGDF8301 DGDF8295Y DGDF8295 DGDF8270Y DGDF8270 DGDF8268Y DGDF8268 DGDF8255Y DGDF8255 DGDF8212Y DGDF8212 DGDF8183Y DGDF8183 DGDF8175Y DGDF8175 DGDF8171Y DGDF8171 DGDF8159Y DGDF8159 DGDF8145Y DGDF8145 DGDF8144Y DGDF8144 DGDF8140Y DGDF8140SY DGDF8140S DGDF8140 DGDF8131Y DGDF8131SY DGDF8131S DGDF8131 DGDF8087Y DGDF8087 DGDF8082Y DGDF8082 DGDF8067Y DGDF8067 DGDF8062Y DGDF8062 DGDF8061Y DGDF8061 DGDF8059Y DGDF8059 DGDF8058Y DGDF8058 DGDF8028Y DGDF8028 DGDF8027Y DGDF8027 DGDF8026Y DGDF8026 DGDF8025Y DGDF8025 DGDF8016 DGDF6586Y DGDF6586 DGDF6581Y DGDF6581 DGDF6569Y DGDF6569 DGDF6564Y DGDF6564 DGDF6556Y DGDF6556 DGDF6550Y DGDF6550 DGDF6548Y DGDF6548 DGDF6539Y DGDF6539 DGDF6534Y DGDF6534 DGDF6492Y DGDF6492 DGDF6482Y DGDF6482 DGDF6478Y DGDF6478 DGDF6470Y DGDF6470 DGDF6468Y DGDF6468 DGDF6462Y DGDF6462 DGDF6458Y DGDF6458 DGDF6446Y DGDF6446 DGDF6443Y DGDF6443 DGDF6435Y DGDF6435 DGDF6432Y DGDF6432 DGDF6405Y DGDF6405 DGDF6404Y DGDF6404 DGDF6401Y DGDF6401 DGDF6400Y DGDF6400 DGDF6386Y DGDF6386SY DGDF6386S DGDF6386 DGDF6381Y DGDF6381 DGDF6374Y DGDF6374 DGDF6351Y DGDF6351 DGDF6331Y DGDF6331 DGDF6313Y DGDF6313 DGDF6310Y DGDF6310 

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Our company specializes in selling and serving on construction machinery spare parts,heavy earth moving machinery equipment spare parts,agricultural and industrial machinery spare parts,power generation spare parts,generator set spare parts,diesel generator sets spare parts,gas gensets spare parts ,diesel engine spare parts,gas engine spare parts,marine diesel engine parts.Such as Caterpillar construction machinery parts,CAT bulldozer spare parts,CAT backhoe spare parts,Caterpillar track loaders parts,CAT wheel loader spare parts,Caterpillar skid steer spare parts,Caterpillar off road truck parts,CAT heavy duty truck spare parts,CAT excavator spare parts,Caterpillar diesel and gas generator set parts,Caterpillar marine generator sets parts;Perkins diesel engine parts,Perkins gas engine powerparts;FG Wilson generator sets spare parts,OLYMPIAN generator sets spare parts,VOLVO engine parts; MTU (Benz) spare parts; Cummins spare parts; DEUTZ spare parts; Yanmar spare parts; MITSUBISHI spare parts etc.

  We can offer full line of genuine Perkins engine spare parts,Perkins Generator spare parts & accessories.Original Perkins spare parts are engineered to maximise the durability and performance of the engine,can ensure total compatibility with the engine,original Perkins parts also will maintain optimum power output and fuel efficiency.


FOB Price: 1-100 USD
Minimum Order: 5 pieces
Port: Hongkong
Payment Terms: Western Union

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