The cassava flour mill plant is basically devided into 3 main parts, that is pretreatment of cassava, grating of cassava and drying of cassava flopur. And it can be further divided into 7 section: cleaning-washing-grating-dewatering-drying-sieving-packing

plant (2)

Cassava flour mill plant

1. Cassava cleaning: Dry sieve is the widely used in cassava flour mill plant for cleaning process. It has the function of cleaning and transportation of cassava. And the main features of dry sieve is simple structure, reasonable speed and no damage to material.

2. Cassava washing: Washing machine here serves to remove the outer skin of the root as well as the adhering dirt in cassava flour mill plant. It features with large capacity, low water consumption and good washing effect.

3 cassava grating machine (32)

Cassava grater

3. Crushing: When crushing in cassava flour mill plant, it is necessary to add little or no water, and the fineness requirement is relatively higher in cassava flour milling process. The pulverized material is generally not filtered to prevent loss of nutrients. In order to ensure the color during pulverization, an oxidation prevention treatment can be performed.

4. Dehydration: In order to dry the cassava flour powder, the pulverized slurry is further dehydrated in cassava flour mill plant. The cassava flour processing machine for dewatering has various options. The small-scale plant can choose hydraylic presss, and the large one can use a special plate frame filter press to reduce the water in the material, thus to improve drying efficiency and quality.

cassava flour dewatering machine (7).jpg

Cassava flour dewatering machine

5. Drying: In cassava flour mill plant, dewatering process is followed by drying operation to produce cassava flour of desired quality. The flash dryer is user friendly and will encourage greater cassava flour production.

6. Sieving and packing: The cassava flour obtained is then sieved by vibration sieve to desired particle size to meet the market standard in cassava flour mill plant. Then the sieved cassava flour is packed into different specification for market.


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