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A typical thermocouple construction consists of a pair of dissimilar metals that are electrically joined together at the sensing point and connected to a voltage measuring instrument at the other end. When one junction is hotter than the other, a thermal “electromotive” force (in millivolts) is produced that is roughly proportional to the difference in temperature between the hot and cold junctions.

The thermocouple wires have excellent performance and are extensively used in the temperature measurement and control in different fields, such as metallurgy, chemical industry, petroleum industry, machinery-electric industry, energy industry, agriculture and military industry.

Our products conform to the standards of IEC584 -1and IEC-2.

Thermocouple strips, thermocouple connectors are available.

Application Range of thermocouple wire:

1. Aerospace and Composites
2. Aluminum industry
3. Food and Pharmaceutical
4. Forgings
5. Glass, Ceramics, Clay Tiles, Bricks
6. Heat Treating
7. Petroleum, Downhole Oil & Gas
8. Sensor Manufacturing
9. Steel industry
10. Utilities Power Generation


FOB Price: USD20~35/kg
Minimum Order: 5kg
Port: Shanghai
Payment Terms: T.T

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