Auto Start/Stop Silent and Open Type FAW Diesel Generator

Products qualityaccording  to customer's special design, WALT designs and manufactures various related   products and control panel,meanwhile ensure the high quality.Experienced and skillful workers manufactures classic products.Ordered producing process makes the productivity and the quality higher and higher.         
Guarantee Period: One years after the date of shipment from the manufacturer's plant or 1000 hours from the manufactured date,which comes first.
FAW engineHigh efficiency and low pressure PT fuel pumpEFC electrical fuel controllers can follow the change of load, and then control engine speed precisely to frequencyStable band width :< 0.25% 
Stamford alternatorOption permanent magnet generator (PMG) system provides constant excitation under all conditions.Easy paralleling with mains or other generators, standards 2/3 pitch winding avoid excessive neutral currents.Dynamically balanced rotors with sealed-for life ball bearings and single constructionClass"H" insulation systemWide range of flange adapters and disc couplingsConforms to all leading industrial and marine standards
Product Desctription:
FAWDE XICHAI Diesel Generator Set
Model Primary Power Standby Power Engine Alternator
KW/ KVA KW/ KVA Make Model Make Model
WGP-F15 12 15 13 17 FAWDE 4DW81-23D WGP Stamford WR164D
WGP-F20 16 20 18 22 FAWDE 4DW91-29D WGP Stamford WR184E
WGP-F25 20 25 22 28 FAWDE 4DW92-35D WGP Stamford WR184F
WGP-F30 24 30 27 33 FAWDE 4DX21-45D WGP Stamford WR184G
WGP-F30 24 30 27 33 FAWDE 4DW93-42D WGP Stamford WR184G
WGP-F38 30 38 33 42 FAWDE 4DX22-50D WGP Stamford WR184H
WGP-F50 40 50 44 55 FAWDE 4DX23-65D WGP Stamford WR224D
WGP-F63 50 63 55 69 FAWDE 4100/125Z-09D WGP Stamford WR224F
WGP-F73 66 73 66 80 FAWDE CA4DF2-12D WGP Stamford WR224G
WGP-F100 80 100 88 110 FAWDE CA6DF2D-14D WGP Stamford WR274C
WGP-F125 100 125 110 138 FAWDE CA6DF2-17D WGP Stamford WR274D
WGP-F150 120 150 132 165 FAWDE CA6DF2-19D WGP Stamford WR274F
WGP-F188 150 188 165 210 FAWDE CA6DL1-24D WGP Stamford WR274G
WGP-F225 180 225 198 250 FAWDE CA6DL2-27D WGP Stamford WR274J
WGP-F250 200 250 220 275 FAWDE CA6DL2-30 WGP Stamford WR274K
WGP-F320 250 320 275 352 FAWDE CA6DM2J-39D WGP Stamford WR444ES
WGP-F330 270 330 287 387 FAWDE CA6DM2J-41D WGP Stamford WR444E
WGP-F375 300 375 330 415 FAWDE CA6DN1J-45D WGP Stamford WR444FS
The Generator sets are as per the specification :
A. The Generator sets
1- Brand new FAWDE XICHAI water cooled diesel engine
2- Brand new Original Stamford, WGP Stamford, Leroy somer, Mecc Alte  AC Alternators 0.8PF, IP23, H insulation class
3- Radiator with engine driven fan mounted on skid.
4- Set mounted Deepsea & Comap & Smartgen auto start control panel
5- MCCB mounted
6- Anti-vibration mountings
7- 12/24V DC Electric start system with maintaince free starting batteries
8- Industrial silencers with flexible connects and elbow
9- Genset will be with a base fuel tank for 10 -12 hours running, with fuel gauge integrated in the base frame of generating set
10- Test report of generator, Set of drawings and O&M manuals
11- Standard tools kit

OptionalTrailer type Soundproof /waterproofATS(automatic transfer switch)Parallel systemRemote systemQuality Standards
GB/T2820, GB1105, YD/T502, ISO3046, ISO8528, ISO8525-3-5-6.ISO9001-2008 
Factory Test 
Each our generating sets must be got through 1 hour load test for running 0%, 25%, 50%,75%, 100% and 110% load before dispatch, All protective devices, control functions are simulated and it's system checked, proved and then passed for dispatch. A test certificate can be provided upon request.

Control panel systemHigh water temperature shutdownLow oil pressure shutdownsOver speed shutdownOver crank shutdownProtection as emergent stopParameters of Operation: digital type, all function showed by LED

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FOB Price: USD2000 to USD100000
Minimum Order: 1
Port: Shanghai,China
Payment Terms: FOB, CIF, CFR

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