New holland excavator  210-5  machine Curved glassFront  upper Windshield

DOT and E-MAKR certified Good quality  New holland  210-5 machine curved glass  breaks in a unique way. If any part of the glass fails, the entire panel shatters at once. This distinguishes it from normal glass, which might experience a small crack or localized breakage from an isolated impact. Tempered glass might also fail long after the event that caused the failure. Stresses continue to play until the defect erupts, triggering breakage of the entire panel.

Toughened machine curved glass is used when strength, thermal resistance and safety are important considerations. The most commonly encountered tempered glass is that used for side and rear windows in automobiles, used for its characteristic of shattering into small cubes rather than large shards. (The windscreen or windshield is instead made of laminated glass, which will not shatter when broken.




FOB Price: 12.5-47USD per piece
Minimum Order: 15 pieces
Port: Ningbo/Shanghai/Guangzhou
Payment Terms: FOB

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