DYLCtype CPT Drill rig vehicle


Adopts full hydraulic pressure excavator crawler chassis supporting and walk, but on the beach, the beach, sand, paddy field, such as bad environment to carry out static job, icy roads can still walk.

The advanced hydraulic technology, use of combination of fragmentation multiple directional control valves, compact structure, small volume, convenient installation, small pressure loss, good overflow valve overload characteristics.

The static test car can multi-usage, not only is ideal equipment, using the static configuration, makes pore pressure static attachments may extend (CPTU), since the drill type pressure (PMT), DMT (DMT), vane shear (VCT), pressure into the type of wave velocity (WVT) and so on in situ test.

The biggest advantage: fuel efficiency, save manpower, high performance, high efficiency

Under the domestic initiative of the rotary hydraulic anchor device (patent no. : 201220081488.1 and patent no. : 201220081492.8 configuration core tube and drill can open concrete hardening roads) and loading and unloading car itself device (patent no. : 201220382939.5), highly efficient, durable, compact structure, convenient and quick.

Power for the vehicle all systems with only a small power engine and a single gear oil pump for, greatly reduce the fuel consumption and maintenance cost.

Operators can boot up while flashboard, safe and save manpower, at least 2 people can normal operation, so greatly improve the work efficiency.

The main technical parameters:

Loading and unloading style: loading and unloading

Dimension: 3200 * 1700 * 1700 mm (length x width x height)

Engine power: 21 ~ 32 kw speed: 2000 ~ 2600 (r/min)

Walking speed: 1 ~ 4 (km/h) walking slope: 25 degrees or less

Caterpillar specifications: rubber tracks 300 * 52.5 * 74 (upset)

The hydraulic oil tank capacity (L) : 150 fuel tank capacity: 20

Work allows temperature: the highest temperature: 45 ° c minimum ambient temperature: - 25 c anchor type: one or more Ye Mao anchor diameter (mm) : 100 ~ 400

Sheath material specifications (mm): 32 ~ Φ Φ 42 (optional)

Static agents rated penetration force: 200 KN

Static test the pull force: 230 KN 



FOB Price: $10000
Minimum Order: 1 SET
Port: shanghai
Payment Terms: T/T

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