1.vacuum circuit breaker with IEC standard
2.Long service life,non exploration
3.Short delivery time
4.OEM service

ZN73M-12 high voltage indoor vacuum circuit breaker is appropriate to 12kv, 50Hz three phase alternating current system, applicable for power grid breaking, loading current, overload current and circuit breaking current closing in transformer substation and power system of industrial and mining enterprises, especially for switching different nature of load and frequent operation. Permanent magnetic mechanism makes the component decreased 70% compared with spring mechanism. Vertical magnetic filed structure vacuum interrupter makes the operation more simple and reliable, breaking ability is good too. Sealed insulate cylinder makes better isolate characteristics. The life spam of magnetic mechanism reaches to 100,000 times and mechanical life 30,000 times, thus especially appropriate to frequent operation places. Fault alarm, antibounce shutting, adjustable charging voltage and optional overload, undervoltage protection function have all indicate it’s intelligence.

This type of VCB can be divide into two types: handcart and fixed type. They can match to KYN28A ,XGN2,GG-IA switchgear also carry out non-oil reform.


Ambient condition

1 Ambient temperature: max +40°C min -15°C(conveyance under -30°C is allowed)

2 Altitude: ≤1000m

3 Relative humidity: daily average relative humidity: ≤95%; monthly average relative humidity≤90%; daily average saturated vapor pressure ≤2.2*10-3 MPa; monthly average value   ≤1.8*10-3 MPa

4 Earthquake intensity: ≤8 degree

5 The installation should be free from fire, explosion, severe vibration, chemical corrosion and serious pollution

Order instruction

Complete model and order quantity of the product

Rated current, rated voltage, rated short circuit breaking current, distance of each poles

Rated voltage of operation mechanism open and close release, rated voltage of energy saving motor  

Required accessory and quantity

Other requirement please contact with us directly

Main Technical Data     
Rated voltage                                                             kv12
Rated lighting impulse withstand voltagekvInterphase or to ground 75,fructure 80
Rated short-time power frequency withstand voltage   kvInterphase or to ground 42,fructure 48
Rated short-circuit breaking current                              kA202531.540
Rated current                                                             A630/1250







Rated thermostability current(valid)kA202531.540
Rated dynamic stability current(peak)   kA 6380100
Rated short-circuit making current(peak)                              kA506380100
Rated operations of short-circuit breaking current interruption   times50(40kA is 30)
Power frequency withstand voltage of secondary circuit(1 min) v2000
Rated operating sequence                                             0-0.3s-CO-180s -CO/0-180s-CO-180s-CO(40KA)
Rated thermostability times4
Rated single/back to back capacitor bank breaking current                  A 630/400            800/400(40kA) 
Mechanical life                                           times3000020000(40kA)
Note:It need to be forced coolingwhen rated current is 4000A          Rated characteristics can be given on requirment


FOB Price:
Minimum Order: 1 Set/Sets
Port: Shanghai
Payment Terms: L/C,D/A,D/P,T/T,Western Union

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