1)Shedding : plain shedding dobby shedding
2)weft feeder : electronic weft feeder
3)applicable range :30-420d hydrophoic chemic
4 weft insertion:reinforced plunger,high pressure current weft insertion
5.weft seeking:optinal the automatic device for broken weft seeking
6.Weft feeding:electronic weft feeding selector
7.Let- off: semi-postive and semi-negative continuous let-off (electronic let off )
8.Applicable range:30-420 d Hydrophobic chemical fiber filament
9.Diameter of the Disc head:800mm,1000mm
Coiling:positive mechinanical coiling or electronic coiling.
10.Reed space;150CM .170CM .190CM,210CM.130CM.340CM.350CM.360CM
11.Warp tension:600kg max
12.rotary speed:800 r.p.m

  • original technology from Tsudakoma Japan
  • Bearing are imported from Korea, Japan NSK
  • Using Imported Nozzel, water pump, spring one-way valve enhances the bunding of water spray
  • Loom Lord wallboard adopts high grades cast iron, Seamless steel pipe Kingpiece-solid frame, vibration noise reduction 
  • Stable, efficiency,Good after-sales service,Quality assurance
  • Reed width (cm)

    Nominal:150,170,190 ,210,230, 260,280, 330, 360

    Adjustable range of reed width(cm)


    Weft density range



    1.5kw, 1.8kw, 2.2kw , 3.5kw,2.6kw ,2.8kw ,3.0kw ,3.5kw ,4.0 kw,4.5kw

    (according to the certain model)


    Plain type 2-8pcs heald frame

    (cam or dobby shedding is optional)


    Mechanical let-off

    (Electronic let off is optional)

    Flange diameter:800mm


    Mechanical take-up

    (Electronic take-up is optional)

    Waste filling removal

    Mechanical take-up 3 roller


    Mechanical cutter

    Filling insertion

    Single pump with single nozzle

    (double/three/four nozzles are optional)


FOB Price:
Minimum Order: 6
Port: Qingdao
Payment Terms: L/C,T/T

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