Manufacturer & Exporter of Specialty Dyestuff, Pigments & Intermediates based in INDIA. 

Specialty Intermediates for Agro , Pharma, Pigments & Dyes like :-

Di-Methyl OAPS Amide , 2-Aminophenol-4-N,N Dimthylsulphonamide, 3-Amino-4- Hydroxy-N,N Dimethylbenzenesulphonamide ( CAS No.: 24962-75-2 ) 
DEMAP Keto acid / DEMAP Aldehyde , 4-(Diethylamino) Salicylaldehyde ( CAS No.: 17754-90-4 ) 
2-Amino-5-Acetoamido Benzo Trifloride ( CAS No.: 134514-34-4 )
2'6 Dichloro Amino Phenol , 2,6-Dichloro-4-Chloro phenol , 4-Amino-2,6- Dichlorophenol ( CAS No.: 5930-28-8 ) Pesticide intermediates, Benzoyl urea insecticide, Hexaflumumron intermediates for pesticides etc.

Organic / Phthalo Pigment Powder / Dispersion

Dyes / Pigments :-

Plastic Dyes & Pigments
D & C grade dyes , Inkjet Ink dyes, Salt Free R.O. dyes 
Liquid dyes, Liquid paper dyes, Liquid solvent dyes for gasoline
Wool dyes, Carpet dyes, Wood polish dyes, Leather / Fur dyes
Fast Bases , Fast Salt :- For Batik dyeing, Wax print, African print etc. 
Anti Freezing automobile colorants, Coolant colorants


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