1.withdrawable vacuum circuit breaker
2. ISO9000, ISO14000,full type test
3. Rated voltage: 24kV
4. embedded pole VCB


24kV HV emedded pole vacuum circuit breakers (VYG series) are widely used in power plants, substations, petrochemical plants, metallurgical industries, mining, manufacturing industry, airport, subway, seaport and residential areas, etc.

VYG series vacuum circuit breakers can be integrated into air insulated switchgears, a perfect replacement for the sleeve type air insulated vacuum circuit breaker.

VYG series vacuum circuit breakers can run stably under following conditions:

1. Altitude: 3000~5000m

    While application at 2000m and above, please specify your conditions.

2. Ambient temperature:

    Max:                                  +40°C

    Daily average:                ≤+35°C

    Min.:                                  -15°C

3. Humidity:

    Daily average RH:                               95%

    Monthly average RH:                          90%

    Daily average saturated vapor pressure:       ≤2.2×10-3Mpa

    Monthly average saturated vapor pressure:  ≤1.8×10-3Mpa

4. Earthquake withstand ability:     not exceed         Grade 8

    Horizontal acceleration:

    Synthetic seismic wave                        0.25g

    Sinusoidal wave                                    0.15g


1. Excellent performance

  • Electrical life: in compliance with Class E2 of circuit breaker, 274 operations in various short circuit currents.
  • Mechanical life: 30000 operations in compliance with Class E2 of circuit breaker
  • Capacitive current making/breaking capacity: Class C2, rated single/back to back capacitor bank breaking current 630/400 A
  • Rated voltages: 6kV; 12kV; 24kV; 40.5kV.
  • Rated current up to 4000A.

2. Advanced embedding technology and solid-insulating process

Embedded poles: The three embedded poles of the VYG units totally enclose the vacuum interrupter, both upper and lower outgoing terminals cast in epoxy resin in APG process, a very mature automatic pressure gelatinizing technology. This helps to reduce adjustment requirements, diminish possible damage to the VI during assembly and protect connecting bolts against shock during operation. Also, discharge of the terminals can be prevented due to special conductive copper part. The embedded poles, in epoxy resin with unique material, make features of aging resistance, low/high-temperature resistance. These features protect the VI of the VYG system against any harmful influences from the outer environment. No shock & damp, pollution, condensation, dirt or small animal can ever have a possibility to face the VI, whereas those are always the headaches for the second generation. These distinctive features also enable the embedded poles a greater operating reliability, and high adaptability to various environments. The poles of the VYG series become truly maintenance-free.

Unique cushion bedding process: Since there is a great discrepancy of thermal expansion between the vacuum interrupter (which is enveloped with porcelain) and the epoxy resin (namely 1:10), that will certainly result in various troubles, for instance, cracking problems to the porcelain envelope or to the epoxy resin. However, the special VULCANIZE process is employed for VYG series to settle the above problems in this way: a special flexible bedding fills the spaces between the epoxy resin and the VI, creating a quality cushion that responds to all thermal expansions and contractions, protecting all applied material from any occurrence of aging or insulation degrading, and therefore ensuring the high reliability of the poles under various environmental conditions and the changes of them. This cushion also eliminates air gap between epoxy resin and VI, which may be ionized under high voltage electric field cause insulation or aging problem of embedded pole.

3. A complete set of type test

  • VYG vacuum circuit breaker with embedded poles has passed a full set of type test in National High Voltage Apparatus Test Center, China.

4. Unique spring actuator

  • A spring actuator, compact design with less movable parts, advance face treatment process and lubricating technology, which ensure strong wear resistance and corrosion resistance, is provided to give every VYGQ unit an outstanding performance: rare fault, no any lubrication required in service, but great reliability and a much longer lifetime.


5. Advanced manufacture process, accurate test equipment and stringent quality policy

  • The embedding is done in the most advanced APG process, together with special chemical bonding agents imported, by using vacuum mixing facilities from HEDRICH Ltd., Germany, and Starling pressure moulding machine from VOGEL Ltd., Switzerland. Those make every VYGQ unit a great electrical performance and smart appearance.
  • The VYGQ series are manufactured and assembled in light-track production line, in addition to applying precise hydraulic and pneumatic tools, jigs and online test equipments. The ISO9001 quality policy is completely implemented to provide super VYGQ on the circuit breaker market.


6. Chinese national standards & international standards

  • The VYG series are designed to meet all the requirements of both Chinese national standards and the international standards as follows:
  • GB1984-2003: “HVAC Circuit Breaker”
  • DL/T402, DL/T403: Standards of Ministry of Electricity of China
  • IEC62271-100:2001
  • DIN VDE0670: German standards

7. Patented vacuum Interrupter with overall small resistance

  • The VYGQ series comprise the patented vacuum interrupter with an overall small resistance, in addition to adopting the patented contacts, characterized by high interrupting capacity, low chopping current, rapid recovery of insulation and great breaking capacity both of capacitive and inductive load.


Main Technical Data:

1Rated voltagekV24
2short time power frequency with stand voltage(1min)kV42
3Lighting impulse withstand voltage(peak)kV75
4Rated frequencyHz50/60
5Rated currentA630-4000
6Rated short circuit breaking currentkA20-50
7Rated short time withstand currentkA20-50
8Rated short circuit making currentkA50-125
9Rated short circuit duration times4
10mechanical endurance 30000
11Rated peak withstand currentkA50-125
12Rated capacitor banks making surgekA12.5
13Rated electrical enduranceA630/400
14Rated operating voltage AC220/110, DC220/110


FOB Price: US $ 500 - 10,000 / Unit |
Minimum Order: 1 Unit/Units
Port: Beihai/Guangzhou/Shenzhen
Payment Terms: L/C,T/T

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