Woods lamp is the lamp for producing ultraviolet radiation in which a filter made of nickel-containing glass is used to block all light having a wavelength above 365 nanometers and which is used especially to detect various skin conditions (as some fungus infections) by the fluorescence induced in the affected areas by ultraviolet radiation.

Woods lamps are used in such wide-ranging professions as dermatology and esthetics, physician offices and emergency rooms, veterinary care, law enforcement. When performing an inspection with a Woods light, the different conditions show up as various colors, helping the professional with the diagnoses.

The Woods Lamp test is performed in a dark room or under the dark mask which is the accessory of BS-WL1 woods lamp. With the Woods Lamp placed 4 to 5 inches away from the skin, doctor looks for any color changes visible under the light. Different bacteria, for instance, will appear red or yellowish-green. The bacteria that cause acne have an orange glow. Porphyria looks pink on the skin under the Woods Lamp.

Blue is healthy skin, White Spots are a thick, horny layer of dead skin cells, Light Purple is dehydration, Dark Purple is sensitive, thin and dehydrated, Brown Spots indicate pigmentation/sun damage, Orange is Oily, Light Yellow is acne, comedomes, etc.

Pityriasis versicolor-Malassezia furfur emits a Yellowish-White or Copper-Orange color.

Pathogenic pseudomonas show Green flourescence.

Erythrasma- Cornebacterium minutissimum show Coral Red.

Hypopigmented or depigmented spots (vitiligo) appear sharper under a Wood's light. The lesions appear bright Blue-White.

Detection of excess porphyrins in the teeth, urine, stool samples, red blood cells and blister fluid show Red-Pink.





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