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pp Hande Zirconia Ceramic Knife
1)modern innovation designed culinary,
2)material:zirconium oxide blade,pp handle,

 pp Hande Zirconia Ceramic Knife


1)modern innovation designed culinary,
2)material:zirconium oxide blade,pp handle, 

Item no.:specificationthickness(mm)blade materialhandle material
   8" Japanese knife  2.0mm zirconium oxide pp
   8" Chefs knife    2.0mm zirconium oxide  pp
TLCK-23  7" chef knife  2.0mm zirconium oxide  pp
   7" bread knife   2.0mm zirconium oxide  pp
   4.5" big utitlty knife   1.2mm zirconium oxide  pp
  3.5'' small utility knife   1.2mm zirconium oxide  pp
  3''paring knife   1.2mm zirconium oxide   pp

1.Precision produced from a high-tech ceramic of Zirconium oxide
2.Slip-resistant, Pebble-grained rosewood handle
3.Artistry, compounded by superlative Per formance
4.Strictcontrolled and Tested cutting edge
5.Ultra- sharp long life blade
6.Stain and rust Proof

We do not only supply you product but also supply our commitment.
Please feel free to give us chance to show how faithful supplier should be.

Type: Knives  Knife Type: Chef Knives  Material: Ceramic 
Certification: FDA, LFGB, SGS  Feature: Eco-Friendly  Place of Origin: Guangdong China (Mainland) 
Brand Name: Junzhi Cutlery  Model Number: JZ-6002-7C  Style: Handle 
Type: Chef's  Handle Color: Multicolor  Blade Color: white ceramic in matt or mirror finish
Blade Material: zirconium oxide  Handle Material: ABS handle with silicone 

About Ceramic Knife

Ceramic knives are a relatively new invention and always expensive. Basically, they're made out of a high-purity zirconium oxide powder that is compressed at very high pressures and heated in a furnace at temperatures over 2700°F. This results in an extremely-hard blade, nearly as hard as diamonds.

SHARPNESS - The materials that make up a ceramic blade is very hard. It?s the second hardest material, ranked after diamonds. After it?s sharpened, it can keep its razor sharp edge and will not wear out.

NO METALLIC TASTE OR SMELL - Ceramic material is not very porous at all. This keeps the blade from transferring odors from one food item to another. You can cut something spicy, give it a quick rinse and then cut something else. The spiciness won?t transfer to the next food item.

SANITARY ?The density of Ceramic blades is very high, and the blades have very little pores. Just like your face, the fewer pores there are, the less dirt and grime can get into the pores. A quick rinse in warm water can give your ceramic knife much clean than a thorough scrubbing on a metal knife.

LIGHTWEIGHT - Ceramic material is very light weight. The lighter the weight is, the less strain on your arms and shoulders. You can rip through all you?re cutting like a pro.

RUSTLESS -There is no metal, so there is never rust.

Test result

Cut one apple with a sharpened stainless steel knife and another with a ceramic knife. After 15 minutes, the apple cut with ceramic knife hardly oxidized at all (see right picture below), while the one cut with metal knife already showed some signs of discoloration. Fruits will not oxidize and turn brown so fast when using ceramic knife to cut it.

Ceramic Knife Care

  • Use it with a plastic or wood cutting board. Avoid cutting on marble, stone, glass, plates, or tile
  • Use your conventional steel knives for carving, prying, boning, and cutting frozen food and cheese. These applications involve twisting and flexing, which require a more flexible material than ceramic
  • Hand washing with water and liquid dish soap; Do not wash in the dishwasher
  • For discolorations not removed by normal washing, clean the blade only (not handle) with a mild bleach solution
  • Avoid dropping on hard surfaces
  • Avoid putting the blade in open flame (ceramic conducts heat)
  • Avoid turning the blade on its side to smash garlic or other items
  • Store in a knife block, sheath, or tray


FOB Price: US $ 5.2-10.3/ Set
Minimum Order: 500 Set/Sets over 500sets
Port: shenzhen/guangzhou port
Payment Terms: L/C,T/T,Western Union

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