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Commercial Automatic Paper Napkin Printing Machine / Paper Napkin Machine / Napkin Folding and Embossing Machine

Commercial Automatic Paper

The automatic paper napkin embossing folding machine is used for embossing, folding, electronic counting, cutting and processing the bobbin paper

Type 1880 machine for producing toilet paper, machine for processing napkins, corrugated paper machine

Type 1880 Machine For

Type 1880 machine for producing toilet paper, machine for processing napkins, corrugated paper machine
Type 1880 toilet paper

Type 787mm small toilet paper machine, napkin paper machine

Toilet Tissue

yingfeng Hao
yingfeng Hao

120 Products Jiaozuo city, China

Fully automacial paper machine, napkin paper production machine

Fully Automacial Paper

handkerchief making machine
facial tissue, napkins, kitchen towel, hand towel, etc
Paper width up to 4200mm

Innovation Huayi 2400mm toilet paper manufacturing machine

Toilet Tissue

toilet paper making machine price, 2400mm type 8 ton per day

Toilet Tissue

Cassie Zhang
Cassie Zhang

3 Connections 16 Products Zhucheng, China (Mainland)

supply full automatic life toilet roll paper and napkin paper machine

Supply Full Automatic Life

Shun Fu Qinyang City Paper Machinery Factory is a professional Health and paper machinery plant, equipment can produce toilet pa

Jolie Wei
Jolie Wei

1 Connection 33 Products Qinyang, China (Mainland)

Automatic Paper Napkin Machine ( TZ-CJ-AA )

Automatic Paper Napkin

Napkin Machine , Paper Napkin Machine , Tissue Napkin Machine
2-Auto sheet counter
Product Name : Automatic

300 Paper Napkin Machine ( TZ-CJ-A )

Wet Napkin Machine

Paper Napkin Making Machine

Sanitary Napkin

Napkin Machine

Sanitary Napkin

Shaowen Luo
Shaowen Luo

15 Products Xiamen, China (Mainland)

DC-15c high speed wet paper napkin machine

DC-15c High Speed Wet Paper

Detailed Product Description DC-15c high speed wet paper napkin machine
1.Production speed:90m/minute
2.Folding way:Double

DC-2035 Full automatical sanitary napkin machine

Sanitary Napkin

DCW-4200 Full-auto high-speed sanitary napkin machine

Packing Machine

DC-180 full automatical toilet paper machine

Toilet Tissue

HX-CJ-275 Automatic Folding Napkin Paper Machine

HX-CJ-275 Automatic Folding

Detailed Product Description 2 color napkin paper machine
automatic folding napkin paper machine
speed regulation

HX-QPZ-1575 Automatic Roll Paper Slitting Rewinder Toilet Paper Machine

Toilet paper

HX-CS-190/3L Automatic Drawing Type Facial Tissue Machine

Toilet Tissue

Napkin Paper Embossing Printing Folding Machine

Napkin Paper Embossing

napkin paper folding machine
This folding machine can be equipped with single roller or double-roller embossing

Napkin Paper Embossing Printing Folding Machine

Paper Folding

Napkin Paper Embossing Printing Folding Machine

Paper Folding

Lynn Wang
Lynn Wang

33 Products lianyungang, China (Mainland)

paper napkin  machine (high speed)

Paper Napkin Machine (high

This table napkin machine use to form the well-cut parent roll web into regular Napkin tissue after embossed and folded.

Ellie/ mr.Robin
Ellie/ mr.Robin

33 Products Nanhai, China (Mainland)

China 10T/ D 2880mm facial tissue/ napkin paper machinery, paper production line for paper plant

China 10T/ D 2880mm Facial

2880mm facial tissue paper Machine
I. Technical parameter: 1. Raw material: 100% recycle paper 2. Output paper: Tissue paper; 3. Paper weight

China 10T/ D 2880mm High Quality facial tissue/ napkin paper machinery, paper production line for paper plant

French presses

Turn-Key Project 10T/ D 2880mm High Quality toilet paper/ facial tissuepaper/ napkin paper making machinery, China Manufacturer

Other Project

China 10T/ D 2880mm High Quality facial tissue/ napkin paper machinery, waste paper production line

Cast metal parts

Automatic Folding Napkin Paper Machine

Automatic Folding Napkin

1. Product speed: a: 170 - 210 type: 100 - 120m/min b: 220 - 400 type: 100 - 160m/min2. Machine power: a: 170 - 210 type:

Servo multi-wet paper napkin production machine

Servo Multi-wet Paper Napkin

1) high speed 2) stability 3) high rate of finished products 4) long service life.
A. servo electronic principal axis to

Wet paper napkin medium packaging machine

Sanitary Napkin

Low speed wet paper napkin sorting machine

Sanitary Napkin

Teemo Wang
Teemo Wang

20 Products Xiamen, China (Mainland)

HX-170/400(210)paper napkin folding machine

HX-170/400(210)paper Napkin

HX-170/400(210)paper napkin folding machine:this is automatic one,with high speed and stable running.This machine sells well.

HX-280 Napkin Paper Folding Machine(double layers output)

Paper Folding

HX-220 Full-automatic Napkin Paper packing Machine

Paper Folding

yunyin wu
yunyin wu

17 Products quanzhou, China (Mainland)

Napkin paper machine

Napkin Paper Machine

ZYJ-I Napkin paper machine is designed to convert paper napkin by mechanical folding with high efficiency.
Main features:ZYJ

Kitty Woo
Kitty Woo

2 Connections 33 Products Dongguan, China (Mainland)

Paper napkin making machine rewinding machinery

Paper Napkin Making Machine

With the paper machine large development, the production of paper sheet by cutting the average between 1.9-3 meters, many large paper mill paper

Shunfu New style 787 small Tissue paper machine with gas boiler

Toilet Tissue

Jane Ji
Jane Ji

4 Products Henan, China

M-Folder Napkin Paper Machine

M-Folder Napkin Paper

Detailed Product Description M-Folder Napkin Paper Machine can make big log paper into M folder napkin paper.
M-Folder Napkin

jumbo rolls napkin paper making machine

Jumbo Rolls Napkin Paper

Detailed Product Description Excellent reliable quality
High efficiency
High production capacity
Competitive price

jumbo rolls napkin paper machine

Sanitary Napkin

787-3600mm kraft paper machine, carton paper machine, printing paper machine, 1-50 T/D

Paper Core Machine

Paper Napkin machine

Paper Napkin Machine

Detailed Product Description This Paper Napkin machine is designed to convert high-grade paper napkin with several colors printing.
Main features:ZYJ-III Paper napkin machine(4, 6, 8 colors) is mainly designed to convert printed napkins.It adopts the international advanced technology, and specialized in producinghigh quality colored napkins with speed up to 200-300 pieces/min or 80m/min. The machine includes one jumbo roll backstand, calendaring, printing, dryer, emboss unit, formation and folding. Technical parameters:(1) Model: 230, 250, 300, 330, 400 (other sizes to be ordered)(2) Parent roll width: 230mm, 250mm, 300mm, 330mm, 400mm (other sizes to be ordered)(3) Parent roll: 13-20gsm. two plies of tissue paper, 23-25gsm. single ply tissue paper(4) Parent roll diameter: dia.1200mm (other sizes to be ordered)(5) Parent roll core: 3 inches (dia.76mm) (other sizes to be ordered)(6) Unloading stand: one (other sizes to be ordered)(7) Tension system: manually adjusting or automatically adjusting(8) Controlling system: frequency speed controlling, magic-eye inspecting(9) Counting device: pneumatic auto-counting(10) Printing mode: flexographic

Paper Napkin Folder

Sanitary Napkin

Paper Napkin Folder

Sanitary Napkin

FDJ-F Rewinding Square napkin Machine

Sanitary Napkin

TZ-CJ-C 1 / 8 Fold Paper Napkin Folder

TZ-CJ-C 1 / 8 Fold Paper

TZ-CJ-C 1/8 Fold Paper Napkin Folderused to fold the parent roll web into napkin tissue with embossing

Automatic Facial Tissue Folder

Facial Tissue

Ashley Zou
Ashley Zou

28 Connections 4 Products Quanzhou, China (Mainland)

dinner printed paper napkins

Dinner Printed Paper Napkins

Detailed Product Description 1. dinner printed color napkin
2. virgin wood pulp
3. Cutomized design available

logo paper napkins

Paper napkins

solid color napkins

Linen napkins

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