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high tenacity polyester yarn, 100% spun polyester yarn for knitting

High Tenacity Polyester Yarn

Detailed Product Description Material: 100% Polyester
Technical: Ring Spun
Use: Weaving, knitting
Dear sir /madam ,

dope dyed polyester ring spun yarn for knitting


regenerated colored 100 polyester knitting yarn


recycled colored 100% polyester dope dyed ring spun yarn


High tenacity DTY HIM SIM NIM SD dope dyed polyester crochet yarn

High Tenacity DTY HIM SIM

Feature:Anti-Bacteria, Anti-Pilling, Eco-Friendly, High Tenacity, Moisture-Absorbent, Recycled
Use:Embroidery, Hand Knitting, Knitting

Polyester High Tenacity Yarn

Polyester High Tenacity Yarn

deal in all types of High Tenacity yarn with regular, low and super low
shrinkage for various applications like Awning, Tarpaulin

1.	High Tenacity Polyester Yarn

Polyester yarn

High tenacity polyester multifilament yarn (FDY)

High Tenacity Polyester

1.High tenacity polyester multifilament yarn
2.210D ,SD
3. High tenacity :8.0g/d

High tenacity polyester multifilament yarn 150D


High tenacity Polyester Filament Yarn 120D


High Tenacity Factory Direct Supply dyed 100 Polyester Yarn Ring Spun

High Tenacity Factory Direct

Material:100% Polyester, YIZHENG polyester stable fiber
Pattern: Raw
Technics:Ring Spun

Vigin polyester spun yarn factory direct supply TFO quality plyester yarn

Polyester yarn

Knotless Raw White For Sewing Thread 100% Spun Polyester Yarn

Polyester yarn

AAA Garde Low Shrinkage Raw White Sewing Thread Dyed Polyester Yarn

Polyester yarn

High tenacity polyester bonded yarn

High Tenacity Polyester

High tenacity polyester bonded yarnSpec: 150D/3, 210D/3, 250D/3, 300D/3, 420D/3, 500D/3…1260D/3,1680D/3Complete packing: 250g/spool, 450g/spool

UV resistant High tenacity  thread

Embroidery thread

H.T Polyester thread

Polyester yarn

Miss Alice
Miss Alice

15 Products Shenzhen, China

Polyester High Tenacity Yarn

Polyester High Tenacity Yarn

Polyester dope-dyed thread, can be used as zipper thread, sole thread and fishnet thread.
1) Made from high strength yarn

Polyester High Tenacity Yarn

Polyester yarn

High tenacity polyester yarn China factory

High Tenacity Polyester Yarn

1. High tenacity normal shrinkage polyester filament yarn
Linear Density Filament Breaking Strength Tenacity

Dope dyed polyester high tenacity yarn for ropes and belting.

Nylon yarn

High tenacity industrial polyester yarn for tyre cord fabric

Polyester yarn

Twisted industrial polyester yarn China supplier

Polyester yarn

High Tenacity Polyester Yarn

High Tenacity Polyester Yarn

FDY, Bright, raw white color and multifilament. We have products from 50D to 500D. They are widelyusedin producing sewing thread, high-grade core

Polyester High Tenacity Filament

High Polymers

Polyester Yarn

Polyester yarn

Nylon, Polyester and PP High Tenacity Yarn

Nylon, Polyester And PP High


high tenacity polyester filament yarn

High Tenacity Polyester

used to produce core-spun yarn, top-grade sewing thread, banner material, coated yarn and conveyer belt. They have won good reputation from customers.

Mr. vincent
Mr. vincent

1 Product Qingdao, China

 high tenacity polyester yarn 45s

High Tenacity Polyester Yarn

high tenacity polyester yarn 45s

far east textile polyester spun yarn 50s


21s spun polyester yarn for weaving


100% virgin spun polyester yarn 30s

Polyester yarn

shaomeng ji
shaomeng ji

33 Products jinzhou, China (Mainland)

high tenacity spun recycle cotton yarn

High Tenacity Spun Recycle

Detailed Product Description 1) colors:white
2)High tenacity and eveness
3)cotton/polyester blended yarn
4)recycle cotton

regenerated cotton polyester yarn

Cotton yarn

sell 5-21Ne evenness regenerated yarn for socks

Wool yarn

sell nice regeneration cotton yarn

Cotton Suits

QiJiang Chen
QiJiang Chen

15 Products Cangnan, China (Mainland)

High tenacity Nylon 6 filament  FDY yarn

High Tenacity Nylon

Denier from 30D to 1890D
Specializing in

rare luo
rare luo

1 Product shenzhen, china

High Tenacity  Polyester filament Thread

High Tenacity Polyester

This kind of thread are produced from high tenacity low shrinkage low elongation continuous polyester
filament yarn twisted in modern

Cotton Wrapped Polyester Core Spun Sewing Thread

Polyester yarn

Bonded Nylon Thread (In-Bonded & Ex-Bonded)

Sewing thread

M-type black color high tenacity super workmanship polyester pet film for garment ornament

M-type Black Color High

Detailed Product Description a.good quality and favorable price
b.free catalogue and samples
c.quickly delivery and low MOQ

Ms type 150D normal silver metallic yarn for embroidery

Metallic yarn

120d normal white ms type embroidery yarn

Metallic yarn

900D Ms-typ gold color super workmanship recycled polyster spun modern yarn for knitting

Metallic yarn

High tenacity polyester thread

High Tenacity Polyester

1.Approved by ISO9001:2000
2.It is made of excellent polyester source material with high tenacity.

High tenacity sewing thread

Sewing Threads

Raw white 100% polyester yarn

Polyester fabric

polyester yarn

Fiber & Yarn

High tenacity 100% spun polyester rayon embroidery thread for sewing machine

High Tenacity 100% Spun

Material: 100% Polyester
Pattern: Dyed
Use: Embroidery, Knitting, Sewing, Weaving
Yarn Type

300D/2,300D/3 high quality polyester thread for sewing machine

Polyester yarn

Cheap polyester rayon embroidery thread for machine

Polyester yarn

300D/3 raw white polyester thread for sewing machine

Polyester yarn

2/40 raw white plastic tube polyester sewing yarn

2/40 Raw White Plastic Tube

2/40 raw white plastic tube polyester sewing yarn
Main characteristic:

Jinfu HSL DTY Polyester High Twist Yarn

Jinfu HSL DTY Polyester High

1.Approved by Oeko-Tex 100,SGS,ISO9001 etc; 2.Strictly supervised by complete quality inspection system; 3.1 of 4 fiber base.

JinFu HSL FDY Polyester Yarn For Knitting

Polyester yarn

JinJiang Jinfu HSL DTY Polyester Intermingled Yarns

Polyester yarn

JinJiang Jinfu HSL DTY Polyester Textured Filament Yarn

Polyester yarn

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