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Ethylene Carbonate/Lixing Chemical

Ethylene Carbonate/Lixing

Name:Ethylene carbonate
Cas No.:96-49-1

Disperse Dyestuff BLUE S-3BG 200%  HGL 200% CAS 12239-34-8  EINECS235-475-5

Disperse Dyestuff BLUE S-3BG

DISPERSE BLUE 79;4-(2-Bromo-4,6-dinitrophenylazo)-5-acetylamino-2-ethoxy-N,N-bis(2-acetoxyethyl)aniline;Disperse Navy Blue S-2GL;2,2'-[[5-acetamide-

Disperse Orange 30 S-4RL 100% Yellow Brown CAS No.: 5261-31-4  EINECS 226-070-4 32041100

Disperse Dyes

Disperse dyes Orange S-4RL  150%  Chemical Textile Leather Polyester Dyeing dyes Disperse Orange S-2RFL

Disperse Dyes

Mellon Wen
Mellon Wen

4 Connections 3 Products FengHuang Villiage,ShaoXing City,ZheJiang Province, China

reactive dyes BLACK WNN

Reactive Dyes BLACK WNN

Reactive dyes utilize a chromophore attached to
a substituent that is capable of directly reacting with the fibre substrate.
The covalent

Disperse Dye Agent Mf for Printing Ink China Factory

Disperse Dyes

Reactive Orange Res Dyes for Cotton Textile Fibre Dyestuff

Reactive Dyes

disperse blue E2LBN 56 100%

Disperse Dyes

PE Injection black masterbarch(blowingfilm and peipe)-E108

PE Injection Black

It is made of
recycled PE and pigment carbon black, with

PE black masterbatch for blowing film and injection

Plastic Dyestuffs

PE Injection black masterbarch(blowingfilm and peipe)-E106

Plastic Dyestuffs

PE Injection black masterbarch(blowingfilm and peipe)-E107

Plastic Dyestuffs

ultramarine pigments for masterbatches

Ultramarine Pigments For

Abelly Ultramarine blue is a very safe, non-hazardous blue pigment with a variety of applications worldwide. Its synthetic manufacturing process and

ultramarine blue pigment for cleaning detergent

Dyes & pigments

ultramarine blue pigments for plastic, PVC,PP,PE


1,3,5-Benzenetricarboxylic Acid


1,3,5-Benzenetricarboxylic Acid is a kind of important chemical raw material. It

Triglycidyl Isocyanurate

Chemical Reagents

 Trimesic Acid

Acid Dyes

ms zhao
ms zhao

6 Products Shanghai, China

water-based textile printing &dyeing pigment paste

Water-based Textile Printing

Shanghai Caison Color Material Chemical Company LTD is a famous pigment paste and liquid ink supplier in China . As a combination of manufacture

direct orange S with low price

Direct Orange S With Low

Detailed Product Description 1 Product name Direct Orange S
2 CAS No. 3626-36-6
3 Molecular Weight 756.67
4 Purity 10

Direct Fast Turquoise blue GL with competitive price

Direct Dyes

Direct black EX with best quality

Direct Dyes

Direct Fast Black G with competitive price

Direct Dyes

SGS eco-friendly furniture coating raw material

SGS Eco-friendly Furniture

furniture coating 1. Widely applicantion 2. Test & Certification: SGS MSDS 3. Custom is accepetable 4. Enveriomental

water based ink pigment paste supplier in China


strong acid and alkali resistance rayon pigments

Acid Dyes

environmental building emulsion paint raw material


Cathy Zhang
Cathy Zhang

17 Products Hangzhou, China (Mainland)

Factory sale 3-Acetamino-N-ethylanilin25%Ethanol

Factory Sale 3-Acetamino-N

1. Developing China's productivity with autonomous innovation 3-Acetamino-N-ethylanilin25%Ethanol
2. We can produce OEM

Factory direct sales 4-AMINO-N-METHYLPHTHALIMIDE

Direct Dyes

Disperse dye intermediates N-Amino-4-nitrophthalimide


Factory direct sales 4-Amino-N-ethylphthalimide

Direct Dyes

Ms Liu
Ms Liu

7 Products Yueyang, China (Mainland)

Pigment Orange 13(cas:3520-72-7) made in china

Pigment Orange 13(cas:352

Pigment Application
Fast Orange G is a semi-opaque pigment of moderate fastness to light, and good fastness to heat and

Pigment Red 146(cas:5280-68-2) made in china


Pigment Red 53:1(cas:5160-2-1) made in china


Pigment Red 48:2(cas:7023-61-2) made in china


Chemical Formula Fe2o3 Iron Oxide Yellow 313/920 Pigment Powder for Concrete

Chemical Formula Fe2o3 Iron

1) iron oxide pigment used in many types of paints, including anti-rust paint, water-soluble indoor/outdoor paints and

Ceramic Pigment Turquoise Blue ZL-502 Ceramic Glaze Pigments Powder Used in Ceramic/water based ink,/Offset Ink/Printing


Ceramic pigments stain powder coating Inclusion Red used in glaze and body


kara Jiang
kara Jiang

3 Products Changsha, China

Complete colors aqueous pigment preparation for latex balloon tinting

Complete Colors Aqueous

Complete colors aqueous pigment preparation for latex balloon tinting
Characteristics of aqueous

Liquid textile binder for textile screen printing

Textile Agents

Rubber mat coloring aqueous pigment dispersion


Eco-friendly textile dyeing pigment color paste


Christmas Tree Pigment(Pigment Green 7)

Christmas Tree Pigment

Cyanine Green 7
This product also passed ISO9001 and ROHS, with strong tinting strength and pollution-free
1.Product Name
Product: Cyanine

Masterbatches Pigment(Pigment Blue 15:3)


Chemical Pigment(Pigment Green 7)


QAFS Single Shaft High Speed Disperser for paint,

QAFS Single Shaft High Speed

Main Features and Application:
QAFS single shaft high speed disperser are applied to dissolution, mixing and dispersion of materials used in the

YOUYI MATECH 98~99.5% Chrome oxide green/chromium oxide green/chromium oxides/chrome oxides/chrome green/chromium sesquioxide/chromium hemitrioxide

YOUYI MATECH 98~99.5% Chrome

Physical & Chemical Property
Chrome Oxide Green is also named as Chromium Sesquioxide or Chrome Oxide, molecular weight

YOUYI MATECH Iron oxide pigments/iron oxide red/iron oxide yellow/iron oxide orange/iron oxide black/iron oxide green

Iron Oxide

YOUYI MATECH Copper Chromite Black Spinel/ Copper Chromate Black/Pigment Black 28/ PBK28


Davis Wang
Davis Wang

5 Connections 3 Products Hengshui, Hebei Province, China

Gold Powder Pearl Pearlescent Pigment

Gold Powder Pearl

1.Product: Gold Pearl Pigment, Particle Size:5-25,10-60,10-100μm, Appro.Mesh: 800,400,200;

PET Polyster Glitter Powder for Textile Clothes Garment Costume Apparel

Glitter powder

Laser Glitter Powder,Holographic Effect for Nails,Makeup,Cosmetic, Shoe Decorations,etc

Glitter powder

Colored Series Red Green Blue Yellow Cooper Pearl Pigment


Justin Leo
Justin Leo

7 Products Shenzhen, China

Ultramarine Violet

Ultramarine Violet

Ultramarine is essentially a

Ultramarine Blue


nigrosine black

Nigrosine Black

nigrosine black
CAS Registry Number 8005-03-6
Synonyms C.I. 50420; Nigrosine

Basic Violet 10


Acid Black 2


Basic Violet 14

Basic Dyes

ms wang
ms wang

5 Products dezhou , China

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