Le Car Radiators Industrial Cooling

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4 Shipments

Le Car Radiators Industrial Cooling
10,123(K) - 10pieces
Headers Copper Foil To Producemachines To Produce Radiator Coresbrass Sheets To Make Radiator Coreheaders Copper Foil To Produceradiator Cores 5 Radiator Cores.(hs Code 8462.29, 8480.30, 8708.91, 8466.94, 7409.21)10 Pkgs On [3 Wdc + 5 Sets(5 Plts) + 2 Crt]the Information Appearing On Thedeclaration Relating To The Quantity Anddescription Of The Cargo Is In Eachinstance Based On The Shipper's Loadand Count. I Have No Knowledge Orinformation Which Would Lead Me Tobelieve Or To Suspect That Theinformation Furnished By The Shipperis Incomplete, Inaccurate, Or False Inany Way.
Panama Canal - Caribbean
San Juan, Puerto Rico

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Shipment Weight (Kg)
Min Avg Max
10,123 10,123 10,123
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10 items

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Origin Port Shipments Destination Port
Panama Canal - Caribbean 1 San Juan, Puerto Rico


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