Bedroom Moveis Ltda

Track Shipments Shipment Profile 2 Export Shipments Rod.: Br. 163 - Km 86,0- Linhacnpj:19.107.303/0001-36guaraciaba - Brazil

Export History
2 Shipments

Bedroom Moveis Ltda
7,574(KG) - 497pieces
------------ Tghu8955117 Description---------1 X 40'hc Container Containing497 Card Boxes Containing:215 Pieces Of Wooden Furniture As Perproformainvoice 011/ Weight: 6854,920 Kgs Du-E:18br001008412-5ruc:8br19107303100000000000000000706572m3:70,331ncm:94035000master Bill Ref: Ssz0686296wooden Package Used : Treated / Certified-------------Generic Description-------------Prepaid Charges:terminal Handl Ch Origin: Brl 720.00origin,terminals-Intl Ship Por: Brl 42.00sealing Charges Associated S: Brl 27.00bl Fees Export: Brl 380.00container Control Fee: Brl 30.00collect Charges:basic Freight: Usd 1,934.00bunker Surcharge Nos: Usd 266.00emergency Bunker Surcharge, Eb: Usd 160.00terminal Handl. Ch Destinatio: Usd 160.00export Declaration Surcharge: Usd 32.00container Inspection Fees And : Usd 10.00low Sulfur Surcharge: Usd 0.00ocean Carrier-Intl Ship Port: Usd 13.00freight Collect
Port Bustamante
San Juan, Puerto Rico
Bedroom Moveis Ltda
7,204(KG) - 367pieces
Wooden Furniture
San Juan, Puerto Rico

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Weights & Quantities

Shipment Weight (Kg)
Min Avg Max
7,204 7,389 7,574
Average Quantity

432 items

Trade Partners

2 Shipping Routes

Origin Port Shipments Destination Port
Cartagena 1 San Juan, Puerto Rico
Port Bustamante 1 San Juan, Puerto Rico


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