Ningbo Nd Imp & Exp Co Ltd

Track Shipments Shipment Profile 584 Export Shipments 12a No 6 Dongfang Commercial Plaza315105 Ningbocn

Export History
584 Shipments

Ningbo Nd Imp & Exp Co Ltd
15,628(KG) - 2,662pieces
6-Pc Name Tag With Ringplant Labels With Marker15pcs Magnetic Buttons
Seattle, Washington
Ningbo Nd Imp & Exp Co Ltd
10,801(KG) - 1,470pieces
Bamboo Cutting Boardruler Setcar Antenna Flag3pcs Luggage Tags4-Pc Table Cloth Clipauto Plate Guard2-Pc Dryer Balls Ps Drawer Organizer18" Planter Chain Kitcamping Mosquito Head Netgreat For Variety Of Arts & Craft Projects6-Pc Name Tag With Ring Setplant Labels With Marker15pcs Magnetic Buttonswildlife Warning Systemmop And Broom Hangercarabiner Aluminum Key Ringswindow Squeegeemagnifying Glass With Glass Lenstootsie Baby Cabinet Knob Lock1-Pc 10" Straw Brush2-Pc White Board Markerdouble Wall S.s.vacuum Mug2pcs 1" Sliding Window Lock3"pill Box3-Pc Super Glue W/safety Tubecollapsible Funnel5-Pc Paint Brush Setplay Metal Hand Cuffs2pcs Glass Medicine Dropper3pcs Hair Colouring Brush2-Pc.2led Silicone Bicycle Light Set"red Cup" Beer Pong Ball 6pcstape Measure Clam Shella5 Sketch Book Set Eraser/penscil/sharpenerretractable Key Chain With I.d. Holder
Seattle, Washington
Ningbo Nd Imp & Exp Co Ltd
850(K) - 73pieces
Outdoor Lighting Partsplastic Housing..... ........
Los Angeles, California

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Weights & Quantities

Shipment Weight (Kg)
Min Avg Max
65 4,790 38,920
Average Quantity

648 items

Trade Partners

3 Shipping Routes

Origin Port Shipments Destination Port
Ningpo 193 Seattle, Washington
Ningpo 109 Los Angeles, California
Ningpo 108 Tacoma, Washington


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