Bangkok Weaving Mills Ltd.

Track Shipments Shipment Profile 624 Export Shipments Kengrungruengchai Building,room No. 2, 5th Floor,1518/4 Pracharad 1 Road,wongsawang, Bangsue,

Export History
624 Shipments

Bangkok Weaving Mills Ltd.
25,206(K) - 56pieces
Roll Woven Fabrics56 Rolls146,183 Yards100% Cotton Bleached Fabrichsc 5208.22.4090c1033/48 / Sku252403b / Stye Ce48 /finished 48" 100% Cotton Bleached Fabrichsc 5208.21.4040e3652/51 / Sku252008b / Stye Wr51 /finished 51" 100% Cotton Bleached Fabrichsc 5208.21.4040e3652/60 / Sku252010b / Stye Wr60 /finished 59" 100% Cotton Bleached Fabrichsc 5208.21.4040e3678/58 / Sku252015b / Stye Ppl58 /finished 56" 65%polyester 35%cotton Bleached Fabrichsc 5513.13.0090hptc2188/61 / Sku252409b / Stye Pd61 /finished 59"100% Cotton Bleached Fabrichsc 5209.29.0090hp72/60 / Sku252308b / Stye Ga60 /finished 59" 65% Polyester 35%cotton Bleached Fabrichsc 5514.12.0020kdtc2473/61 / Sku252204b / Stye Drill1.72 / Finished 59" 100% Cottonbleached Fabrichsc 5209.22.0020kd1674/62 / Sku252203b / Stye Drill1.47 / Finished 59"nw 25,004.00 041/18dd 20-Mar-2018transhipment At Singaporeby Cma Cgm Nabucco V.0tu0ls1ma@ Phone#310-453-6719
Savannah, Georgia
Bangkok Weaving Mills Ltd.
474(KG) - 40pieces
60% Cotton 40% Polyester Textile
Laem Chabang
New York/Newark Area, Newark, New Jersey
Bangkok Weaving Mills Ltd.
7,216(K) - 285pieces
Cotton Bed Sheet285 Cartons7,032 Pcs100% Cotton Bed Sheett250 Sobel Westex Cairocalet300 Sw Egyptian Sateen Cairo Calepo#s15465 60% Cotton 40% Polyester Solid Bed Sheett300 Blend Sw Sahara Nightpo#s15465nw 6,857.22 Per Inv No.032/18dd 26-February-2018sheets Hts#6302.31.9020pillowcase Hts#6302.31.9010transhipment At Singaporeby Apl Mexico City V.0tu09s1ma
Savannah, Georgia

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Weights & Quantities

Shipment Weight (Kg)
Min Avg Max
153 13,918 78,949
Average Quantity

143 items

Trade Partners

3 Shipping Routes

Origin Port Shipments Destination Port
Laem Chabang 214 Los Angeles, California
Singapore 100 Savannah, Georgia
Laem Chabang 88 Savannah, Georgia


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