Gomez Sanudo Sc

Track Shipments Shipment Profile 363 Import Shipments Morelos 121, Col. Centroveracruz Ver 91700 Mexico

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363 Shipments

Gomez Sanudo Sc
22,080(K) - 850pieces
Hydroxylamine Sulfate - 21,25 Mt Hydroxylamine Sulfate In 25 Kgs Bags On Pallets As Per Po Gc 0418 Net Weight: 21.25 Mt Gross Weight:22.08 Mt Number Of Packages: 850 Bags On 20 Pallets
Charleston, South Carolina
Gomez Sanudo Sc
4,142(K) - 6pieces
Nickel Cadmium - 06 Pallets Contains 22 Ply Wood Boxes Nickel Cadmium Pocket Plate, High Rate, 1 .2v, 40ah Type: Kph 40 P 0 1) Nickel Cadmium Ventpro, Medium Rate Block, 2.4v, 57ahtype: Hvm 57-2 02) Ni Ckel Cadmium Ventpro,medi Um Rate Block, 2.4v, 110ah Type: Hvm 110-2 Batteries Wet Filled With Alkali El Ectric Storage Un No. 2795 Class: 8 Packing Grouop:ii Sb No: 4001653 Dtd. 2 4.07.2018 Edf No:s18 E001 90204 Sb No : 4001654 Dtd. 24.07.2018 Edf No.:s18 E 00190215 Iec No.:098800068 7invoice No. 0920002977 D Td. 23.07.2018 Invoice No. 0920002978 Dtd. 23.07.201 8 Total Netweight : 3504 Kgs
Port Everglades, Florida
Gomez Sanudo Sc
20,680(K) - 20pieces
Other Colouring Matter; Preparations As Specified - 800 Paper Bags On 20 Wooden Pallets Titanium Dioxide Kronos 2220
Charleston, South Carolina

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Weights & Quantities

Shipment Weight (Kg)
Min Avg Max
34 17,557 116,729
Average Quantity

210 items

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3 Shipping Routes

Origin Port Shipments Destination Port
Anvers 102 Charleston, South Carolina
Bremerhaven 88 Charleston, South Carolina
La Spezia 56 Port Everglades, Florida


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