Ario Quimica S A Dec V

Track Shipments Shipment Profile 9 Import Shipments Alcanfores No 104,col. San Clemente,c.p.01740,del.:alvaro Obregon,mexico,d.f.,

Import History
9 Shipments

Ario Quimica S A Dec V
9,115(KG) - 23pieces
.1x20'st Containertotal 23 Boxes Onlytotal Twenty Three Boxes Onlyindian Originorganic Pigmentsmeghafast Green Gn 787 (pigment Green 7) Alpafast Violet Rl-Pl 3645 (pigment Violet 23meghafast Blue Bd 909 Bmr (pigment Blue 15:3)meghafast Blue Bd 909 Kn-P (pigment Blue 15:3meghafast Blue Bng 810 (pigment Blue 15:0)meghafast Blue Bs 918 Kn-Pd9 (pigment Blue 15meghafast Blue Bk-P 828 (pigment Blue 15:1) 3291900 Dt. 06.03.2018sdf Form No.: Dt. 4002535 Dt. 16.03.2018sdf Form No.: Dt. 2201004898 Dt. 2241001561 Dt. 16.03.2018net Weight : 6300.000 Kgshs Code 32041759 , 32041761, 32041740freight Prepaid
New Orleans, Louisiana
Ario Quimica S A Dec V
22,842(LB) - 23pieces
(twenty Three Packages Only)total: 23 Packages Only. Indian Origin Organic Pigments Meghafast Blue Bd 909 Kn (pigment Blue 15:3) Meghafast Bluebd 909 Bmr (pigment Blue 15:3)meghafast Blue Bd 909 Kn-P ( Pigment Blue 15:3) Meghafastblue Bng 810 (pigment Blue 15:0) Meghafast Blue Bs 918 Kn-Pd9 (pigment Blue 15:4) Meghafast Green Gn 787 (pigment Green 7) 6631166 Dt.09.06.2017 Sdf Form No.:dt. 09.06.2017 0003937 Dt. 31.05.2017 Sdfform No.: Dt. 31.05.2017 6541992 Dt. 05.06.2017 Sdf Form No.:dt. 05.06.2017 2203004350 Dt. 23.05.2017 2241001083 Dt. 31.05.2017 2201004459 Dt.05.06.2017 Freight Prepaid Net Wt. 9400.00 Kgs Marks &no. Meghafast Blue Bd 909 Kn(pigment Blue 15:3) Meghafastblue Bd 909 Bmr (pigment Blue15:3) Meghafast Blue Bd 909kn-P (pigment Blue 15:3) Meghafast Blue Bng 810 (pigment Blue 15:0) Meghafast Blue Bs 918 Kn-Pd9 (pigment Blue 15:4)meghafast Green Gn 787 (pigment Green 7) Lot No:, Net Wt:,tare Wt:, Gross Wt:, Box No. 1/up Made In India
Charleston, South Carolina
Ario Quimica S A Dec V
486(K) - 2pieces
Indian Origin Synthetic Organic Pigmentalpafastviolet Rl Pl 3645.... .
South Riding Point
Port Everglades, Florida

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Weights & Quantities

Shipment Weight (Kg)
Min Avg Max
486 9,117 22,842
Average Quantity

28 items

Trade Partners

3 Shipping Routes

Origin Port Shipments Destination Port
Cagliari 2 Port Everglades, Florida
Valencia 2 Port Everglades, Florida
Haifa 1 New York/Newark Area, Newark, New Jersey


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